Summer Shape Up

Go ahead, Show Off THIS Summer!  Breakthru has just released our newest training program that is sure to get you in shape and CRUSHING your goals! This Program is being offered in Medford Taunton Forge only and runs June 19 – August 4 Meet the Trainer:  Tim has 26 years of experience as a personal…

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Attention All Youth Athletes!

Gain Power, Go Faster, Get Stronger, Be BETTER! Prepare for the upcoming season and stand out amongst the crowd.   Reach your fullest athletic potential by improving your agility and endurance.   Become a BETTER Athlete! 15 ONE HOUR small group training sessions ONLY $25 each *restrictions apply, call or stop by for details. Meet Tim…

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Meniscus Injuries: Surgery vs. Physical Therapy

To have surgery or not to have surgery… that is the question? At some point in most of our lives, we will be faced with this difficult decision regarding some injury, ache, or pain we are experiencing. Making informed decisions could be the difference between a pain-free existence or a potentially worse outcome. As physical…

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Make a SPLASH into Recovery at BREAKTHRU Physical Therapy & Fitness 

 Summer is around the corner! With it comes the opportunity to participate in all of the exciting activities the season affords. Unfortunately, many individuals are unable to take full advantage of this warm weather due to chronic pain or other injuries that causes difficulty with movement and activity.  Being unable to engage in hobbies or…

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Concussion….now what?

Your son, daughter, athlete, or friend is in the middle of an intense game and they take a hard it.  You see them stumble off the field looking unsteady, you can tell something is wrong.  What happens next?  The initial recognition of a concussion is critical to proper management. If the initial detection of a…

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Your Spine Does Not Go Out Of Place

It is a common report in the physical therapy clinic that a patient’s spine or hips go out place. This belief is followed by a need for the patient to seek healthcare practitioners that can simply “put their bones and joints back in place” using manual force through joint manipulation or adjustment. This results in…

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Spring Off the Treadmill

The transition from winter to spring can be a difficult time of year to get out of the house for a run. Rainy, cold days can lead us to opt for a run on the treadmill rather than braving the elements for a long run outside. The question becomes how different is running on a…

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Breakthru is excited to announce…

Dr. Mark Kitz PT, DPT is the NEW Facility Manager at our Medford Fitness office! Dr. Mark Kitz is a lifelong resident of Southern New Jersey. He graduated cum laude from Thomas Jefferson University in 2009 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. As a Graduate Research Assistant at Thomas Jefferson, he conducted scientific literature reviews for…

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Scoliosis and The Schroth Method

A Conservative Treatment Approach to Combat the Progressive Nature of the Condition For far too long, individuals and their family members have expressed the feelings of helplessness, like “there is nothing that can be done” and are forced to adapt a “wait and see” approach as the only model of care after a loved one…

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Acute Management of Lateral Ankle Sprains

Ouch! You rolled your ankle running pick-up basketball this weekend with your friends. Frustrating….we know. Lateral ankle sprains are injuries that pose a major inconvenience. They limit your ability to walk, move, sleep, and perform your typical self-selected physical activities… plus your friends will be short a player next weekend. Don’t lose hope, we are…

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