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Build A Body To MOVE WELL

With the explosion in the number of girls playing highly competitive sports today, it is important for all parents of these young athletes and their coaches to realize that physical preparation prior to the start of the season, as well as during the season, is critical to reduce injuries, and increase performance.

Teenage female athletes have particular needs that have to be addressed in order to increase performance and play injury free. The injury rate for girls playing high school sports is alarming. An adolescent girl is 4 to 6 times more likely to suffer an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury than a boy the same age, playing a similar sport. There are numerous theories for the increased risk for ACL injuries in female athletes which include anatomical, hormonal, neuromuscular, and biomechanical factors.

From an athletic development standpoint, there are 3 critical areas that need to be included in an off-season as well as in-season strength and conditioning program to reduce injuries and enhance performance for female athletes: Increase in lower body strength, training for single leg strength and developing core strength.

In BREAKTHRU’s Move Well – Play Strong For Girls training program we work with all 3 of these essential areas to help your athlete improve her overall athletic ability and allow her to play better with reduced risk of injury.