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How to Achieve your Resolutions in 2014

Within a week, one in four will have dropped their resolution attempt while half will have abandoned it within a month. Before you find yourself in this unfortunate position, follow these simple rules to stay on track and make this year a year to remember.

  1. Be Realistic
    It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new year and a new start, but don’t let that turn your dream into a nightmare. Your goal needs to be reasonable or else you’re setting yourself up for failure before you even start.To make your goal a reality, start by taking a look at the big picture. Understand where you want to be and where you’re at now. If your journey were a road trip, envision your start and end points. Next, make the steps to reach that goal so simple that it’s almost fool proof. Don’t set a lofty goal that will overwhelm you when the motivation ends. Set a goal that will motivate you to keep going. We’re creatures of habit, and if we’re not constantly striving toward that goal, we’ll revert back to the person we don’t want to become.
  2. Understand why that goal is important to you.
    It’s easy to stay on track when everything is going your way. Those who succeed are the ones that strive through adversity. Understanding why you are trying to achieve this goal is as important as the goal itself. It’ll get you through the tough times and it’ll help you keep your head up when all you want to do is quit.If you find yourself struggling, know that it happens to everyone and that it will pass. Create a mantra or use an object, like a wristband or photo, as motivation when needed.
  3. Focus on that only ONE goal at a time!
    Efficiency is key. We only have a limited amount of energy to get us through our day. The idea is to not only work hard, but to work smart. Don’t get caught up trying to do more than is needed and then find yourself getting overwhelmed. The likelihood of success dramatically decreases when juggling multiple goals. Focus is what will take you to the finish line.
  4. Don’t let bumps in the road lead to major breakdowns.
    On the road trip of life, we’re all going to hit roadblocks and detours. Expect them to happen, and prepare for them so that when they do, you’ll be ready.
  5. Share your journey. (Optional)
    Sharing your journey with others not only keeps you accountable, but allows you to stay motivated, and possibly motivate others in the process. This one is optional depending on the goal and your support system. Although our support system may have good intentions, many of us have people that may unintentionally sabotage our efforts. If this is the case, sometimes it is best to keep our goals to ourselves or a close few.

Make 2014 a new year to celebrate a new you. Follow these useful tips and hopefully this year will be the last year you make the same resolution twice.