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Improve Your Running and Stay Injury Free

Running is easy! Just put one foot in front of the other and GO! If it were only that simple…  When running, there is much more to keep in mind than what your feet are doing. Running is a highly complex motion involving the entire body.  If you lack the coordination, flexibility, and motor control to run efficiently, you increase the risk of injury and not achieving your full potential.  Whether you have been injured or are looking to prevent injury, a comprehensive screen and biomechanical assessment from a highly trained physical therapist is essential.

BREAKTHRU Fitness and Physical Therapy specializes in an organized, systematic approach to analyze any runner, whether it be high level runners, athletes in running sports, recreational runners, or those who simply want to get off the couch and get in shape. The runner’s screen is an assessment designed specifically to give the new or experienced runner an insight into their muscle, joint, or movement dysfunction that can have a negative effect on their running performance and/or lead to injury.  The purpose of the screening is to identify any movement asymmetries, muscle strength or flexibility imbalances, and joint motion restrictions that may negatively affect the runner’s mechanical efficiency.

We at BREAKTHRU strive to address every deficit of the individual, beginning with a full body assessment to determine where weaknesses present.  We possess tools to provide video analysis to our participants to tease out movement irregularities, muscular compensations, or anatomical abnormalities (i.e. foot position) to assist in our process of providing the best possible care.  Our physical therapists and personal trainers are skilled in a functional movement screen, pin-pointing your imbalances and where your body has trouble moving.  These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and distort body awareness. The Functional Movement Screen can be applied at any fitness level, simplifying corrective strategies of a wide array of movement issues. Physical therapists specialize in altering one’s biomechanics through selective strengthening and flexibility exercises to improve overall running performance.

Upon evaluation, a common finding is poor proximal stabilization, with main control limitations in the core and hips.  Weaknesses in these areas can result in poor shock absorption when the foot strikes the ground.  Improper shock absorption can result in pain up the kinetic chain; affecting an individual’s ankles, knees, hip, and low back.  On behalf of the team here at BREAKTHRU Fitness and Physical Therapy, we are geared to help each individual reach their running goals.

If you are a runner and interested in a full body assessment, come to any one of BREAKTHRU’s three locations for a FREE Running Physical Therapy Consultation. Ask about our NEW Saturday Running Clinic.