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Beard Coloring: How to Dye Your Beard in 4 Simple Steps

Do you know that you can also colour your beard? In this article, we will guide you, how to dye your beard. We will mention 4 simple steps to do it.

To be practical, unless and until you think of colouring your beard turquoise blue, green or pink, a dyed Best Beard Trimmer look will make you look attracting. Basically, the thing we want to conclude is, you should limit your colour with in black and brown colour stripes.  Up next, we will teach you, how to choose your colour.

How to choose beard dye colour?

We can divide choice of colour under two categories: light and dark. Whether to choose light or dark shade solely depends upon your skin tone and not your choice of favorite colour! If you are pale or white skinned then light colors like blonde, light brown, light black might suit you. You can also try out deep black or deep brown or golden brown. If your skin tone is dark or brownish, it will be better to stick to shades of black. Up next, we will guide you, how to dye your beard.

How to dye your beard?

Step 1: (Gathering) –

You have to gather these things: a beard dye, an oxidant, a pair of rubber gloves, a bear brush, a towel, Vaseline or something similar, a tint remover.

Step 2: (Sensitivity test) –

You have to make a dye sensitivity test with your skin before you apply it directly on your beard. You should do this about 24 hours before beard dyeing. All you have to do is mix some dye and make a dot behind your forearm and let it dry. You have to just check whether there is any kind of inflammation or adverse effect.

Step 3: (Prepare dye mixture) –

Mix beard dye, oxidant, and water in a small bowl.

Step 4: (Dye process) –

Wash and shampoo your beard. Apply Vaseline on the skin around beard to stains of dye in your skin. Put on your gloves and use the beard brush to apply dye mix in your beard. Avoid dye and skin contact. Follow package instructions and let it dry. Wash and rinse your beard with tap water and then dry it with a towel. If the colour is not enough, continue the process again. And if you have colored it too much, go for a quick shampoo, to lighten the colour up. Application of Vaseline will save you from skin stains but however, if there are some stains, use a Q-tip soaked with tint remover.