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Summer Sports Experience

Breakthru-Physical-Therapy-Best-Of-South-Jersey-4Reserve your spot for the Breakthru Summer Sports Experience – A Six Week strength and conditioning program focused on preparing an athlete for the upcoming season.  Every athlete is screened before joining the program so athletes can be placed appropriately.

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  • For some, that means making the team or safely returning to sport after an injury
  • For others, it’s preparing the athlete so that he/she stands out among the crowd


  • Tuesday and Thursday (2x/week) from July 6th to August 16th

Breakthru-Physical-Therapy-Best-Of-South-Jersey-6We will:

  • Screen for movement quality and possible injury risk factors through the Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
  • Assess Strength in Big 3 (bench press, deadlift, squat) if applicable at the beginning and end of program
  • Focus will be on perfecting the fundamentals, not on putting up the most weight
  • Quality over quantity, so that when they’re in the weight room, they can feel confident that they are not hurting themselves
  • Assess Conditioning (aerobic and anaerobic) on a bi-weekly basis

Weeks 1-3:

Breakthru-Physical-Therapy-Best-Of-South-Jersey-5Building the Foundation

Regardless on whether you’re already a world class athlete or someone that’s new to exercise, you’re going to benefit from improving on the fundamentals. During the first three weeks, we will focus on:

1. Tempo Work

Many young athletes are still growing and don’t have full control of their bodies. A set tempo with each movement will allow the athlete to focus on controlling their body through space and knowing where a movement should stop so that they don’t hurt themselves or compensate and put unwanted stress stress on the body.
Breakthru-Physical-Therapy-Best-Of-South-Jersey-252. Aerobic Conditioning

a. Meant to build their aerobic capacity. The bigger the tank, the less they have to pull from their internal energy stores and the longer they can be on the field working at near max capacity.

3. Alactic Conditioning

a. Train the athlete to know what it feels like to go “all out” for short bursts. b. Not meant to kill the athlete and make them feel exhausted, just let them know their limit.

4. Supersets and Train Movements, Not Muscles

Weeks 4-6:

Breakthru-Physical-Therapy-Best-Of-South-Jersey-22After building upon the fundamentals and setting a sturdy foundation, we’ll start to:

1. Train Explosiveness and Power

2. Strength/Speed and Speed/Strength – Turn the strength gained in the gym into functional strength that can translate to the field

3. Lactic Conditioning – Train the athlete to survive the brutal conditioning that often occurs at
the beginning of the season when the coaches weed out the weakest links.