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Group Exercise

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Boot Camp

Boot Camp sessions are 60 minute group training sessions designed to raise your metabolism, burn fat, build strength, endurance, and flexibility all in a fun and energetic social atmosphere. Studies have shown that those who train as a part of a group have a higher success rate when it comes to reaching fitness goals and developing a consistent, healthy and fit lifestyle.

We utilize a metabolic training style of exercise to give our boot campers a functional, strong core base of fitness while continuing to challenge their body’s neuromuscular systems to keep them on the road to being in the best shape of their lives. Programs change regularly in order to keep things fresh and challenging while still being able to see progress and improvements.

Our Boot Camps are led by certified health and fitness professionals with national certifications. All exercises are led in an effective but safe manner and can easily be modified for any fitness level. Leave Boot Camp feeling energized, motivated and ready to take on your health and fitness goals with confidence.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi classes are 60-minute group exercise sessions designed to help you learn how to reduce stress, improve balance, blood pressure, and bone density through slow controlled movements.




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