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Maintain YOUR Gains After Therapy

1. Keep Up With Your Exercises

After your bout of therapy, you hopefully are feeling stronger and more flexible.  This happens by loading the tissues in certain ways to create adaptations which occurs mostly through exercise. During therapy manual work may be needed to reduce pain and facilitate movements, but the main component is the exercise.  If you don’t keep up with them, the gains that you worked so hard for may slowly decline

2. Change Your Habits 

While your body got better with good types of loading, the bad loading is what likely got you into trouble.  This can be sitting too long, sitting with bad positions, poor lifting mechanics etc. You and your therapist should have identified problem behaviors that led up to the problem.  Avoiding these can help prevent a problem from recurring.

3. Check In With Your Therapist 

Pain is not always the first sign of a problem.  Sometimes a problem can be returning without you even realizing it! Its best to head it off as quickly as possible.  The first step is identification. There should be a plan for regular monitoring which you can do yourself to some degree.  I like to recommend my patients to check in a few times a year to screen for changes in their condition. We also identify other issues and can usually make changes to your program and prevent the need for additional therapy.  We offer free screenings to make this process easier for our patients and the rest of the community in order to help improve and maintain your quality of life.

If you have been a patient with us or somewhere else, check to make sure you’ve been doing your homework and avoiding the bad habits.  Stop in for a free screening so we can touch base and make sure things are still moving smoothly.