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Summer Running Goals? We can help!

Summer is coming and everyone is RUNNING to reach their fitness goals! Breakthru is here to help you reach them! As the weather warms up, and you are increasing your training, it is important to know that with increased running having proper form is key to prevent injury!

Did you know?

  • Breakthru Physical Therapists and coaches are trained to analyze your gait both walking and running!

What is gait analysis?

  • Gait analysis involves our team filming you from multiple angles so that we can break down each stage of the walking or running process and analyze your alignment and the mechanical movement of your body through the gait cycle. This allows us to pinpoint any weaknesses or faults there may be in the system.

What to expect during your gait analysis?

  • Come ready to work! We will have you run on a treadmill in our facility for 5-10 minutes as we record your running in three different views. This allows you to become comfortable on the treadmill and fall into your normal gait pattern – we want you to be a little tired because that is when form tends to fall apart, and we can know where to focus our attention. Once we have the recording we will be able to slow down the videos and will look at all aspects of your core, hips, knee, and feet, and you strike the ground throughout your run.

What do I do with the information?

  • Following your session, your therapist will create an exercise program designed specifically for you to help prevent injury and optimize your running goals!  Breakthru supports an active lifestyle and our passion is keeping you safe and healthy!

CLICK HERE to sign up today for your free gait analysis! Appointments are required!