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Breakthru Goes Pink!

Thanks for your generosity & support! 

Breakthru will be accepting donations for Breast Cancer Research until October 31.

METAvivor gives 100% of donations, funding research grants to help extend the lives of MBC patients with the goal of making MBC a chronic disease instead of a terminal one. Cracking the MBC code helps ALL stages of breast cancer patients as more than 90% of MBC patients were once early stage patients.

METAvivor appreciates your donation and honors your generosity by ensuring that 100% of your donation goes toward supporting grants for metastatic breast cancer research.  Click here to donate.


The Importance of Regular Wellness Checkups

August is National Wellness Month, the perfect time to focus on personal health and investing in yourself. All too often, busy and hectic schedules cause us to put our own health on the back burner until we end up with chronic aches and pains, stress and anxiety, poor sleep, or illness. When we finally do go to the doctor, the remedy for such issues can be expensive and time-consuming, causing even more stress.

On the other hand, scheduling regular wellness exams can help to ease the burdens these issues have on us, or even prevent them in the first place. Not only can doctors get an idea of how a person’s body is functioning with basic screenings and blood tests, but they can also help with stress, anxiety, or sleep issues. The earlier any problems are detected, the better the chances are that we can reduce or prevent chronic health conditions.

– General exam: At this exam, your practitioner will perform preventive care, review your health history, and perform any physical examination procedures necessary based on your gender, age, and information gathered in the clinical history. Lab or diagnostic tests may be ordered.

– Eye exam: You’ll be asked about your medical history and any vision problems you might be experiencing. Several different tests may be performed during the eye exam which are designed to check your vision and to examine the appearance and function of all parts of your eyes.

– Skin exam: Having your skin checked by a dermatologist is extremely important for the early detection of skin cancer. Ideally, a skin check should be performed each year. A dermatologist can also identify any other potentially problematic skin conditions.

– Dental exam: Regular dental exams are a critical part of preventive health care.
During a dental exam, the dentist or hygienist will clean your teeth and check for cavities and gum disease as well as evaluate your risk of developing other oral problems. A dental exam might also include dental X-rays (radiographs) or other diagnostic procedures.

In addition to these traditional exams, it is a great idea to get a Physical Therapy Wellness Assessment. At Breakthru Physical Therapy, we believe that everyone should have their joints, muscles, and movement patterns assessed regularly to ensure continued physical health. That is why we have launched a campaign to promote a lifetime of pain free movement by offering wellness screens to members of our community!

During your assessment, one of our skilled therapists will:
– Take a complete musculoskeletal history and learn about your goals.
– Perform a movement screen and selected physical tests to see what is working well and what needs some help.
– Develop a plan to improve any areas of concern and help you achieve your goals.

Schedule yours today! Click Here!

Casey Lohne Scholarship

Casey was an active member of the Shawnee High School Community: he was a 4 year participant on the track and
field team, as well as a yearly participant in stage crew for the annual play. However, it was his outstanding effort serving as a manager of the football team that made Casey famous!

Partnering with Patrick McGlynn as a Manager, Casey was an important member of the Shawnee Football Championship team for the past 3 seasons. Always positive, always enthusiastic, Casey was the ultimate team manager – never missing a practice or team event. Casey handled his responsibilities professionally and proudly. At games, Casey provided a constant source of motivation as he passionately cheered on his teammates and encouraged the crowd to get involved.  Casey just graduated in June and was eager to start at Salisbury University this fall.

He will be missed by the entire Renegade family, and our thoughts go out to his Mother, Beth, Father, Craig, and brother, Aidan. 

Any amount is welcomed and appreciated by the players coaches and parents of the Shawnee football program.

***We are accepting donations at our Medford Taunton Forge and Medford @ Medford Fitness offices.***


Monday, September 23rd is Falls Prevention Awareness Day!

Did you know, according to the CDC, at least 3 million older adults visit the ER for fall-related injuries every year?1 Factors such as lower body weakness, difficulty walking, poor balance, and foot pain can all increase a person’s risk of falling, but are preventable with proper rehab therapy.


Check out these 5 tips to decrease your chance of falling!

1. Practice Strength and Balance
Strength building programs are key to preventing falls. If a patient’s lower body is weak or in pain, it can negatively effect their balance, leading to a higher risk of falling.
2. Strengthen Spatial Awareness
Many older adults have difficulty performing tasks while remaining mindful of where their body is in relation to other objects or surfaces. This lack of spatial awareness can often result in falls. An effective solution is “dual-task” training, or having your patients practice doing two things at once, like walking while talking, standing on one foot while reaching for an item, or moving while holding an item.2
3. Create an Exercise Routine
Physical activity can improve balance, coordination, and flexibility in your patients. Recommend easy workouts, like walking, swimming, or aerobics to promote exercise without increasing an older adults risk of injury.
4. Adjust Assistive Devices
Assistive devices like canes and walkers are only helpful when they are the correct height for your patient. Make sure that your patients are comfortable with the height of their device and make adjustments if needed.
5. Check for Foot Pain
Foot injuries that heal incorrectly can cause pain and poor balance. If your patient has suffered from a foot injury and is still experiencing pain, they likely have developed restricting scar tissue that is interfering with movement and causing pain. Treat these types of patients with a treatment that is proven to eliminate unwanted scar tissue, like Astym therapy. Astym therapy is proven to remove unwanted scar tissue and regenerate healthy soft tissues, effectively eliminating pain and movement restrictions.

Young Woman Shares Experiences with Juvenile Arthritis and Physical Therapy

Juvenile arthritis affects nearly 300,000 children in the United States. It’s not a disease in itself, but rather an umbrella term used to describe the many autoimmune and inflammatory conditions or pediatric inflammatory diseases that can develop in children under the age of 16. It’s a lifelong condition, but typically it’s manageable when appropriate measures are taken to mitigate and alleviate its painful and potentially limiting manifestations.

In this episode of Move Forward Radio, Christina Iversen shares her experience with juvenile arthritis, having dealt with it since the age of 2. Now a young adult, she knows well what it’s like to contend with the physical, emotional, and social effects of growing up with a condition that’s typically associated with older adults. She shares her story of trials, triumph, and, above all, hope for children who share her condition—and for parents and family members seeking to do all they can to ensure that those with juvenile arthritis nevertheless experience life to its fullest.

Click here to listen now.


2019 Be Fearless Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 🎓
We would like to give a special round of applause to our “Be Fearless” Scholarship Winners — Cherokee Soccer Player, Lauren Gravlin and Lenape Cross Country Athlete, Zaven Kazandjian 👏🏼👏🏼

Breakthru’s scholarship is in remembrance of our friend, ETA Coach, Jason Kilderry. Jason lived life fearlessly and to the fullest every single day! We appreciate his dedication and the high standards he demonstrated within his coaching. Breakthru is hoping to continue to impact future clinicians to ensure Jason’s legacy lives on! ETA Coach Open Water Swims: Camp Ockanickon

5 Ways Men Can Take Charge of Their Health

Do you know the top health threats for men? The most common causes of death for men in the U.S. are heart disease, stroke, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory disease. Although some of the risk factors for these health issues are hereditary, often times they arise over many years of poor health choices. Fortunately, there are several simple lifestyle choices men can take to reduce their risk for such conditions and take charge of their long-term health.

1. Don’t smoke. Smoking increases the risk for several types of cancer and respiratory disease. Even if you are a smoker, quitting will significantly reduce the negative impacts on your body and reduce your risk for disease.

2. Eat better. Even a few changes in an otherwise poor diet can help the body get the nutrients it needs to fight disease. Drinking more water, and choosing fresh produce, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats as often as possible help reduce the risk for certain cancers, heart disease, and stroke.

3. Get up and move. Breaking a sweat at least a few days a week is important for cardiovascular health, but even something as simple as standing and moving around can have health benefits. For every 20-30 minutes of sitting, stand up and move around for 3-5 minutes. Walk while talking on the phone and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Move as much as possible.

4. Chill out. Chronic stress can significantly contribute to risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Meditation, breathing exercises, and guided imagery are great, but even something as simple as listening to music or reading an inspirational quote can help calm the mind.

5. Get enough sleep. Sleep is vital to our bodies, but it tends to be the first thing people sacrifice in their busy schedules. Not only does adequate sleep help your body heal and rejuvenate, it will also help you be more productive in maintaining other healthy habits.

By incorporating a few simple changes into their daily lives, men can take control of their health and reduce their risks for common men’s health threats. For more information and resources on men’s health, visit www.cdc.gov and www.nih.gov.

Scoliosis: Things to look out for!

You know your child better than anyone else.

If you notice something different about their posture like one shoulder is higher than the other or a part of their spine seems to be protruding out or curved to the side, schedule a FREE consultation with a Breakthru Schroth Expert.




    • Is one shoulder higher than the other?
    • Is one arm farther away from the body?
    • Are the hips level?
      • Is one side of the rib cage higher than the other?
      • Is the lower back uneven?
      • Are the hips level?
      • Is one shoulder higher than the other?
      • Do the hips look even?
      • Is one side of the rib cage higher than the other?
      • Does the back look overly rounded?

For questions or concerns, please email us.

5 Simple Habits to Help Improve Nutrition

March is National Nutrition Month, a campaign created to promote healthy eating and exercise habits. With the advent of spring, March is also a time of renewed energy and life, making it fitting that we use this month to reevaluate our eating habits and discover what changes we can make to improve our health.    

There are many ways in which we can optimize our nutrition choices such as choosing whole grains, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, and substituting healthy fats for unhealthy saturated or trans-fats. But actually putting these into practice can be daunting, especially with busy schedules or simply not knowing what exactly constitutes a whole grain or healthy fat. Utilizing the internet for information or guidance doesn’t help much because of all the conflicting information and diet fads that make you think that you have to give up entire food groups to be healthy.

Fortunately, improving your nutritional health can be done by adopting just a few simple habits. Nutrition coach and exercise physiologist Dr. John Berardi suggests the following for maximizing your nutrition and working towards your health goals:




  1. Eat slowly and stop when you’re 80% full. Eating quickly causes us to eat more than we really need. It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain it’s full. When we eat quickly, we’re likely to eat far too much before our brain tells us we’re full.


2. Eat protein dense foods with each meal. In healthy individuals, a higher-protein diet is safe and promotes optimal health, body composition, and performance. Protein also helps with satiety, or the feeling of fullness, in between meals.


3. Eat vegetables with each meal. Veggies are loaded with vitamins and minerals as well as plant chemicals that reduce disease risk help the body function optimally. Plus, filling up on nutrition-packed vegetables will help prevent overeating less optimal starchy or refined carbohydrates. Build up to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

4. For fat loss, eat a majority of other carbohydrates after exercise. In other words, you’ve got to earn the higher-carbohydrate meals by exercising first. The trick, here, is focusing on unprocessed, high-fiber carbohydrates over refined or high-sugar carbohydrates. Limit or avoid sweetened drinks and sodas.

5. Eat healthy fats daily. The body needs dietary fat in order to function optimally. On average, about 30% of the diet should come from fat. Focus on adding healthy monounsaturated fats (extra virgin olive oil, some nuts, avocados) and polyunsaturated fats (some nuts, some vegetable oils, and fish oil supplements) to balance out fat intake.


Use the Superfoods Checklist to help you determine what are the best options for protein, carbohydrates, and fats. CLICK HERE.

One more habit I will add is to drink lots of water throughout the day, especially before, during, and after exercise! Invest in a good water bottle and carry it with you everywhere to help remind you to drink often.

Adopting these 5 habits over time can greatly improve your nutritional health, reach your weight-loss goals, and help you feel better too!  

Breakthru fitness coaches can help answer any questions you have about general nutrition and putting these habits into practice! Breakthru YOUR goals, schedule your FREE Fitness Screen with one of our Fitness Coaches today!  

Source: Berardi, John. (2013) The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition. Toronto, Canada: Precision Nutrition, Inc.

2019 Be Fearless Scholarship

In Honor Of Our Friend, Jason Kilderry

Jason lived life fearlessly and to the fullest every single day. 


Breakthru has worked closely with Jason for  over 10 years. He was our go to coach for all of our runners and participated with us for several events and seminars. His passion for evidence based practice matched well with our desire to  treat based on the most up to date research. Jason was a good friend of Breakthru and his loss was devastating.  We appreciate his dedication and the high standards he demonstrated within his coaching.  Breakthru is hoping to continue to impact future clinicians to ensure Jason’s legacy lives on. We have developed this scholarship for upcoming high school graduates in remembrance of our dear friend, Jason. 


Application Requirements:

** High School Senior athlete from Burlington or Camden County 

** 300 word essay on how your Coach inspired you throughout your athletic career OR a 30 second video

** A $250 Scholarship will be awarded to one male and one female applicant that meets the criteria stated above

** The Coach’s TEAM that inspired YOU will receive FREE Functional Movement Screens to help his or her athletes stay in the game!

Submit to Melanie: mmclaughlin@breakthrupt.com 

Application Deadline: 4/30/2019