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Fitness Testimonials

If you have any doubts whether personal training is worth it, I’m here to give a resounding “YES – DO IT!” I am a church choir director, which requires many hours on my feet, either teaching music, rehearsing music or moving tables, chairs and heavy cases of handbell equipment. It’s not all performing and applause! These hours have taken a toll on my legs and knees, since my church building is on a concrete slab. The sanctuary has a slate floor. Both of these surfaces are unforgiving. Even after a one hour rehearsal, I had to limp out of the building and take pain killers once I got home. I am also NOT a couch potato! I’ve been exercising faithfully for the past 11 years, the last 3 of which at Breakthru. I was spending more and more time at the gym, but felt like I was not really making any forward progress. I knew I needed more – but what?? About a year ago, I started with a personal trainer – at first only one day per week and then moving to 2 days per week. I was amazed that after my first session, I felt better – because my trainer showed me additional stretches to do each day. We built a relationship, we discussed my goals, and my trainer devised an exercise plan to meet those goals. Have I made progress?? Oh yes! I’ve slimmed down, my balance is better and I am stronger overall. My “AHA” moment, though, is that I just spent an entire week teaching Vacation Bible School. I spent 5 days and 2 evenings at the church, on my feet for 4 to 5 hours at a time, keeping up with a wonderful group of 5th and 6th graders. Of course, I was tired at the end of each day, but my legs did not ache and I was not limping around. My suggestion is that no matter how unfit – or fit – you may be, personal training is definitely worth a try. You will make progress toward your general life goals and feel better because of the time and energy spent.

– Jo Ann C.

Eight months ago I started working out at Breakthru, through the urging of my boss. While initially, it was a challenge getting started, I’ve learned to embrace it and look forward to working out weekly. I owe my zest for working out to my Trainer Chris Horigan who has guided me on my journey. He’s very supportive, knowledgeable about his craft and very calculative in how he has challanged me to push the limits of my physical capabilities. I’ve lost roughly about 15 pounds and have considerably toned my upper body beyond my expectations. My endurance has improved considerably as well. The biggest improvement that I’ve seen is in my golf game. I am hitting the ball 20-30 yards longer off the tee and hitting my irons 10-15 yards longer as well. The combination of the strength and core training is paying dividends. I get complimented by people all the time on my newly found fitness. At 58 years old I feel as energetic as I’ve been in many years and look forward to continuing on the journey into the future. Lastly, the environment and the staff at Breakthru is another plus. Everyone is very friendly and supportive which enhances the overall experience. I like the combination of the friendliness and expertise that is exhibited and the non-threatening nature of the atmosphere where people are working out at their own pace. I highly recommend that others join in The Breakthru Experience.

– Paul D.

I came here for PT along with my dad and I can say that coming here was more than a great experience. In addition to regaining my strength and stability back in PT with Kyle Hadden, I worked with Steve Gaano in order to create a workout program that I can take back to college with me and incorporate into my training for my collegiate sport. Coming here almost every day was like coming to work out with great friends and people that push and motivate you to do the best you can and even more.

– Vienna C.

Jim Johnston, President of the Johnston Insurance Group, won the silver medal in the senior division by competing in the bench press, squat, and deadlift. His final lift was in the deadlift competition, lifting 254 lbs. and winning the silver medal. Jim trains at the Breakthru Phyiscal Therapy +Fitness with his trainer Steve.

Breakthru is my happy place. From the moment I walked through the door, I knew that I had finally found a place where I could exercise comfortably without feeling intimidated. Every single person who works here, with no exception, is friendly, cheerful, professional and helps you get the most out of your experience here whether it be exercise or physical therapy.

I have worked with two outstanding physical therapists. Dr. Kevin Schnitzer and Dr. Kyle Hadden listened to my problems with sciatica and treated me with compassion, skill and good humor. They were available to answer my questions and made me feel like an individual and not one of many patients being treated. I feel very grateful for all the help and guidance they gave me in overcoming the pain I was experiencing.

Steve Gaano has since guided me through my training, working with Kyle, to insure that each and every exercise is built into a workout that strengthens and is, at the same time, mindful of my sciatica issues. Steve is a trainer in a class of his own. He is creative and inventive and has inspired me more than I thought possible. Due to Steve’s encouragement, variety in workouts and ability to tune in to me, I have improved. After physical therapy and now exercise, I don’t experience the pains that first brought me to Breakthru. Steve has given me the confidence to meet my personal goals and challenges and the knowledge to know my limits.

This experience has been so positive that I have referred friends and family here for both physical therapy and the gym. Having both in one facility is beneficial and convenient. As soon as I walk through the door, I find myself smiling. I am greeted by name and that personal touch goes a long way. Never do I feel like I can’t ask someone for help. Every single person working at Breakthru has helped me in scheduling, explaining equipment and helping me adjust equipment. I have never felt this comfortable in any other gym which is why after awhile I never went back. This is why I smile when I walk through the door and why Breakthru is my happy place.