We Are Currently Offering Telehealth

Personal Training

Our Expert, certified personal trainers (fitness coaches) can help you build an individualized program to reach your health and fitness goals. Our trainers stay up-to-date with modern training routines and programs to keep you ahead of the game.

Private Training

One-on-one sessions with your coach will help you reach your goals with individualized attention and is perfect for those that have very specific goals or limitations. Our personal trainers will specifically target your needs and teach you to work out safely and effectively.

Private training starts at $30 per session.

Semi-Private Training

These sessions are scheduled with up to 3 people per time slot. Each person performs their own personalized workout, but the coach is managing the session and guiding each one through their exercises.

Semi-private training starts at $20 per session.

Virtual Coaching

Transform your body from home with live one-on-one sessions with your coach. Receive effective at-home workouts, accountability tracking with PT Distinction, and nutrition guidance. Exercise equipment optional.

Virtual coaching starts at $120/month.

PTFit Program

A service that offers all therapy patients access to the fitness center during treatment and 2-weeks post-graduation. With the therapist’s recommendation, patients also receive a complimentary consultation with a certified fitness coach to receive personalized guidance in selecting a fitness program.

For more information, or to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Breakthru Coach please contact Lisa at lwhite@breakthrupt.com