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Brian Konzelmann PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy


I was exposed to Physical Therapy at a young age when much of my family was going through their own course of treatment. I very quickly realized this was a field I could enjoy and have a real sense of pride in helping others through rehabilitation.

I have clinical experience working with patients of all ages in both inpatient and outpatient settings with a variety of orthopedic and neurologic conditions. I am passionate about working with others and living a healthy, active lifestyle. I love promoting the benefits of physical therapy and helping people reach their goals through exercise and education!

I am committed to providing my patients with individualized plans and being a lifelong learner to provide the most up-to-date treatment techniques. I love seeing patients achieve their goals and resume activities that they may have been unable to do prior to PT. I love working with different musculoskeletal diagnoses and helping everyone achieve a greater quality of life!


  • Stockton University 2018: B.S. of Health Sciences
  • Rutgers University 2022: Doctor of Physical Therapy

Born: Sewell, NJ

Now lives: Washington Township, NJ

Health/Wellness Tip or Quote: “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.”

Brian’s Favorite & FUN Facts:

  • Place to Travel/Vacation: Hawaii
  • Restaurant: Antojitos
  • Food: Steak
  • TV Show: Breaking Bad
  • Movie: Star Wars series
  • Singer/Group: NF
  • Athlete/Celebrity: George St. Pierre
  • Book: Lord of the Rings
  • Sports Team: Philly teams


Snowboarding, basketball, paintball, MMA, and weightlifting

Patient Reviews

Matthew Borowski
I am thankful for the staff at Rehab Excellence for helping me rehab an injury. Matt and Kyle were not only kind but motivating and well versed in their field. You will not find a better Rehab Center around!
Marina Ream
Finally an effective chiropractor! No more paper exercise sheets, and antiquated routines. Love the office and the professionals working here
Brenda Hernandez
Sang is the best pt !!!. All the stuff are so friendly and helpful.berlin location
Gail Heisler
Working with Pam Bigelow and team at Nelson Drive has been a game changer for me! Beginning my exercise with her smiling, friendly face puts you in the right frame of mind.I have done both pool and land therapy with Pam. Do you want to get rid of those nasty kinks, knots, pulled muscles and sore backs???Go see Pam and her team at Breakthru Physical Therapy!!
Rebecca Metzger
Dr. Fahringer was great. I’m not the easiest patient to treat because I’m patient and wanted to return to high intensity exercise as quickly as possible. Dr. Fahringer promised me if I followed his programming, I would be back to working out soon, but I had to be patient. I’m now back running and working out with little to no pain and feeling great! Appointments were easy to schedule and the office manager was very accommodating.
Brenda Waters
Dr. Sang Phan was great took his time. Gave me great info and exercise. And explained everything detailed! Look forward to my next visit!
Todd Fahrer
This is a great atmosphere guys are great and actually care how you are doing. If you get a chance to pick where you go pick this place. Matt , Nick , thank you for all you did.
Sara Platt
I’ve been coming for months and no matter what I greeted with excitement. We are all here for a reason, and often times in pain… so it’s nice to know you have people rooting for you.Tim and Matt are phenomenal.
Catherine Harris
I am so happy with my results from Breakthru. Honestly going into this process I was pessimistic about how P/T would help with my type of injury. With the guidance of the Breakthru team, I've progressed significantly in my injury recovery and on my way to a full recovery.
Brian Huber
Short-term pain to alleviate long-term pain. Gimme more gimme more. Thanks Dr. Chloe
Karen Schenke
Wonderful & courteous staff. Dr. Wright and his staff in Berlin are so helpful. He took the time to teach exercises to help with hip and groin pain. Very helpful in reducing pain and keeping me mobile. Highly recommend.
Bri Lynn
Shannon and Bryan are literally my life saviors. Their communication is upfront and comforting. They are beyond sweet, and it genuinely feels like they are happy to be doing what they are doing! They answer all questions to the best of their abilities, and don’t get frustrated if you ask the same question multiple ways or need an alternative explanation. They actually try to find answers to your complaints, rather than dismissing you and just collecting a paycheck. I genuinely feel like they care about me, and my well-being. You don’t get that in very many places now-a-days.I was sent to Breakthru PT as a workers comp claim. My main complaints included severe headaches and dizzinesses. I also stated my left eye kept twitching and bouncing. I told them that MRI, CT, and X-Ray came back negative. Together, they immediately identified I needed vestibular therapy. Sure enough, after my first session, they identified I had left vestibular hypo-function. They brainstormed a plan of action how to correct the issue.Mind you, neurology kept telling me I was fine and just “trying to get out of work.” Neurology didn’t bother trying to figure out what was going on with me - but Shannon and Bryan did. I am beyond thankful for them, and couldn’t be more grateful that they didn’t just dismiss me as another “workers comp” claim. They treated me as a person - not as a paycheck.I am looking forward to further treatment to *hopefully* correct my hypo-function. Thank you so much Shannon and Bryan!
Kathryn Badger
I highly recommend working with Matt at Breakthru! He is not only knowledgeable, but dedicated to making sure that every patient understands the how and why for each exercise. I have never felt bored when working with Matt, and I highly appreciate the creativity and effort he puts into every session. I recommend Matt and Breakthru 100%!
John Karpiak
After going to PT for my knee at a different provider and not getting results I expected, my wife recommended Breakthrough Marlton. I started working with Jake and then after a few weeks noticed an improvement with my knee getting stronger and the pain diminishing. When I regained my strength with virtually no pain, Jake set me up with a program I could do at home. I am grateful for making the switch to BreakThru Marlton and working with Jake. I highly recommend BreakThru Marlton and Jake Fahringer PT, DPT.
Fatima denizkurdu
Tim is a great PT Dr and the other staff is also amazing. I change my appointments the day of or few hours before and they are always so kind and helpful about it. It’s honestly such a great place to go to for PT. I have seen such an improvement with my pain. Thank you everyone at breakthrough physical therapy.
Steve Sonntag
Matt is the Bob Ross of PT. I am his canvas ... no, am I the paint? He's definitely the brush, I think. I've been here and other places for different issues. Breakthru has the most knowledgeable and motivating people.. I'll never go anywhere else.
Timothy McFerren
Professional staff. Would not go anywhere else. Dr. Mark is great.
lynne sergi
Incredible physical therapists. I saw Jonathan 5 years ago. When I needed PT this summer, I knew I had to go back to him. Great results always. He worked with me to get back to normal. He is always encouraging, fun and stresses good form. He pushed me to get the most out of each workout. Breakthru has such a positive atmosphere. Makes the PT sessions enjoyable. I started running again! All the physical therapists are wonderful. Thank you!
Sondra De Antonio, MD
All staff are extremely friendly and professional. Very flexible. Dr. Tim and Dr. Abby very knowledgeable and compassionate.I started treating pain in one body area, developed symptoms in another and each session has been customized to my needs.I have observed Dr. Tim’s “bedside manner” with others. He is kind and gentle with those who need help and more challenging for some. I unreservedly and highly recommend this facility.
Everyone at Breakthru Taunton Forge is great…the front desk people, aides and therapists. Nick works wonders with my scoliosis. He and Kevin are the only ones in the area certified in the Schroth Method for scoliosis. The environment is fun and helpful.
Lynda pack
This is for my husband Ray. Megan is working with him to improve movement which due to New arthritis finding has limited his ability to move. Still working on it..Megan is great to work with.
Jacob DeAnnuntis
Jake is a great physical therapist and the rest of the staff is friendly and kind. I had a great experience and was able to successfully rehab from an ankle injury after months of pain.
I've been going to see Dr. Matt for 2 months for a meniscus tear. He has no only worked to strengthen and rehab my knee, but he works to improve all areas the effect the knee. The entire staff is so kind and compassionate in their care while still being fine and upbeat. I wholly recommend Mt. Laurel Breakthru to anyone who needs physical therapy!!!
Judie Comers
Pam and team were great for water and land therapy. Pam is very caring, patient and compassionate.
Kenneth Gray
My DPT, Michelle D'Armi is OUTSTANDING! Michelle worked with me to strengthen my Achilles Tendons that were weakened due to several years of constant usage and strain from playing tennis. Michelle gave me the tools, information, knowledge and exercises required to strengthen my Achilles Tendons. And most importantly, to keep them strengthened! My Achilles tendons are so much stronger. Stretching, strengthening and balance exercises have increased my speed and mobility on the tennis court. Playing tennis is a passion and a love for me! Most importantly, Michelle gave me new life with my tennis game that was degrading due to my injury. For that, I will always be grateful! And let's not forget about the rest of the Staff: Nicole, Greg, Jonathan Eaton and Jared DeVita. Everyone played an important role in my Physical Therapy! This is the first time in my life having to go for Physical Therapy. My future plan is to take advantage of all the information and exercises given to me by Michelle D'Armi. I have been taught that I must do these exercises daily at home and before and after I play tennis. I have invested in some of the apparatuses needed to exercise at home. But I do plan on returning to Breakthru Physical Therapy & Fitness - Voorhees, NJ on a bi-monthly schedule. Just like going to the gym on a regular basis. I thank my Primary Doctor who referred me to a Sports Medicine Doctor. I thank my Sports Medicine Doctor who referred me to Breakthru Physical Therapy and Fitness. Breakthru Physical Therapy and Fitness - Voorhees, NJ and my DPT Michelle D'Armi is where it all happened! I will recommend Breakthru Physical Therapy & Fitness - Voorhees, NJ to EVERYONE! Especially to all the members of my tennis club!
Ashley Espinosa
Tim is SUPER knowledgeable and talented. I used to DREAD physical therapy and he has found a way to help heal his patients and have fun along the way. Moving forward, if I ever have any injury that requires professional help I will be returning to Tim and this location. #TimforVP
I can’t praise these gentlemen enough! I had injured my shoulder at work & this is where they sent me. I am so thankful they did! They pay attention to detail, care about your progress and are very attentive to their patients. (Their choice of music is appreciated as well) I will continue the exercises learned there as I can see a huge difference in such a short time. Thank you!!
Rusty Scarce
I have been going to the location off Stokes RD in Medford NJ now for about a month and a half. Pam has been with me every step of the way and always on the same page as me. I started seeing Pam for tendentious in both elbows from years and years of damage. I have tried several other routes with no solutions in sight. Dry needles, Shockwave therapy, messages etc. Nothing seemed to work. Since seeing Pam my pain has dramatically dropped and my progress has been out of this world... I would go on to say it has been night and day. Before working with Pam I would be in sever pain just by picking up my water cup or turning a door knob. I am now getting back into the gym and have found such relief. Pam is very flexible, easy going and most of all knowledgeable. Most things like this could be a drag but getting to spend a little time with a friendly face all while helping my over all health has been amazing. THANK YOU PAM AND TEAM!
Mike Ackerman
When I first met Matt I was in severe neck pain from my son’s Bulldog who yanked my arm during a walk. I could hardly move my head and sleeping was almost impossible. After a 4 week rehab Matt was able to heal me. I owe his expertise a grateful thank you! He is truly an amazing technician and an asset to your team! His personality and ability is 10 Stars by me. Respectfully, Mike Ackerman
Joseph Vadon
My sciatica started acting up and my doctor recommended physical therapy. My wife made the appointment and I started working with Meghan. She is great. My pain and numbness and come down alot. Have been getting around better. Would definitely recommend breakthur for pt
Humphrey Chen
I have been there for physical therapy for over 2 months now, since my foot surgery. Dr. Tim is excellent and has worked close with me on getting me back to work on schedule. I couldn't asked for a better team of PT. ,
Dan Kennedy
Dr. DJ and his team have helped me tremendously with both my neuropathic pain and range of motion. I would recommend Breakthru PT to anyone looking to get their mobility and pain finally under control.
barry zip
Dr j and staff are awesome
Walter B
Tim is extremely competent, very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I’ve seen him at the Medford location and at their Mt Laurel location.
Emily Griffin
Very professional staff and overall a great experience. Mark at the Hainesport location is knowledgeable and has a friendly, easy going disposition as does the receptionist, Karen. Never really had a positive PT experience until now.The facility is very clean and the setting is not overwhelming like other PT centers I've been to. Highly recommended!
Carl Foltz
Very communicative staff . Very understanding and knowledgeable with injury .Pleasant place to be in while rehabbing
Michelle Bogansky
To go into PT thinking it’s a means to an end, and to be proven wrong, priceless! Thank you, Breakthru and thank you Brian!
Nancy T
I started physical therapy 7 weeks ago at Breakthru’s location on Nelson Drive in Medford. My experience has been transformative! Pam Bigelow is my PT and has guided me from day one. I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 arthritis in both knees. I was hoping to get back to walking 3-5 miles per day and avoid injections and knee replacement surgery. I am happy to report that Pam worked with me to reduce pain, increase strength and flexibility and most definitely boosted my confidence and ability to walk and maintain my quality of life. Shout out to Pam, Zack, Steve and all the staff at Breakthru in Medford. I feel like I gained a family. I highly recommend Pam Bigelow and the team at Breakthru.
William Stallfort
Jake was awesome. Had my doubts but left feeling awesome. That’s Jake.
Paul Oropallo
Excellent Experience thanks for helping me get back on my feet.
Shannon Elliott
Pam is the absolute best! Highly recommend for all your PT needs!
kimb burs
Love what DJ and crew have done for me over the past couple months. They are very easy to work with whether is rescheduling appointments/etc and are very attentive to your needs.
Mark Schnitzer
I am a current patient at Breakthru. I have also used them in the past, for other conditions. Everyone there has been great to work with. The therapists are VERY knowledgeable. They treat the person, as well as the specific problem. Also, kudos to the rest of the staff - the aides and front desk staff are so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Breakthru!
Pat DArmi
My experience at Breakthru PT was wonderful. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee, and after seeing Dr Chloe, I no longer experience any pain. I can climb stairs, walk my dog, and lead a fairly active lifestyle while pain free. Everyone at Breakthru is caring, encouraging, and supportive. I highly recommend them!
Pat DArmi
I cannot say enough good things about Dr Chloe and BREAKTHRU THERAPY! I am feeling 100% better! No more knee pain when I climb steps or when I walk my dog! I keep expecting pain and there is none!! Dr Matt and Dr Brian also helped me when Dr Chloe was away and they were awesome as well! Everyone is so helpful, caring, and encouraging!! I highly recommend all of them!!
Rick M
I went to Breakthru Physical Therapy after a serious ankle injury and surgery. I worked with Dr. Brian Konzelmann on my recovery. Brian was great to work with. He motivated me in recovery teaching me a wide array of exercises and stretches to rebuild flexibility and strength that I was able to do at home between PT sessions. Brian worked to make sure I got the maximum benefit from PT while keeping pain at a minimum.I've had PT in the past for other issues and this is the first time that I felt I was getting a lot of benefit from PT.
Jennifer Gallimore
I highly recommend Rehab Excellence Center -Turnersville. Matt, Kyle, Russell and Nick make an awesome team. At every appointment I felt welcomed, comfortable and supported. I left feeling positive, hopeful and educated on how to not only maintain regimen but also utilizing other muscle to support my knee during daily activities. We also had some great conversations and laughs. Definitely check this team out for your PT needs.
Kendra Palermo
I was referred to Breakthru by my podiatrist after a painful plantar fasciitis diagnosis. Scheduling was so easy, and I got an appointment right away. Dr. Jake was great to work with! He put a program together that got me back on my feet in no time!! Personal, professional, and knowledgeable..highly recommend Dr. Jake in Marlton!!
Great group of guys. Very professional and pleasant. Thank you Matt, Kyle, Russ, and Nick for the rehab and the good vibes.
Elizabeth Belka
I have been going for 3 treatments now and I have found that the all the Therapists are all been great they allow you to work at your own pace. I love it there.
glen bintliff
I worked with Dr Matt Fredrick for 12 weeks after a hip replacement surgery. Dr Matt’s professional and friendly manner was key to my success. His protocols for progressing the level of exercise from 2 weeks post surgery to the 12th week were totally appropriate and successful.
Amy Hoppel
Everyone at Breakthru is friendly and professional, and my PT, Shannon, has been absolutely top-notch! She has helped me overcome my pain and patiently worked with me over the last couple months to build my strength back up. Shannon is incredibly knowledgeable, which was apparent as soon as I began discussing my pain issue with her. I would (and have) recommend Shannon to my friends, as she will take excellent care of any patient she meets. :)
Stacy Kurdyla
My experience at Rehab Excellence Center was phenomenal. I was feeling completely debilitated, I have a had back flare ups in the past, but not to this extent. I was feeling completely hopeless. I was not able to do my daily errands and had a rough time getting through my work day. After my first appointment I felt hopeful, positive and supported. They take their time with their patients and get a plan that is workable for your specific problem. Dr. Matt, Kyle, Russell and Nick were all extremely professional and made PT a positive experience. I already sent one of my colleagues to them. Thank you all for getting me back on my feet again!
P Broadnax
I would like to Thank you all for your help and getting me back on the right track ,The astomhere is very pleasant staff is very friendly and patient they also target all of your needs I would recommand this place to anyone that is in need of Physical Therapy 😊
Jacie Davis
BreakThru saved my lower back and pregnancy!!! I threw my back out early and Shannon fixed me and kept me healthy my entire pregnancy. She created specific exercises to strengthen my back, core, and pelvic floor to help me support my growing baby. I am forever grateful for her and the breakthru team!!
Chris Stevens
The team over at Rehab Excellence truly live up to the name! Week after week, I not only had a great experience in my personal recovery, but I watched them help so many people!! I highly recommend Rehab Excellence!! Many thanks to Dr. Matt, Kyle & Russ!!
Kathy Stephenson
My first visit went really well. I am confident that Mark will help my neck feel better soon.
Obligatory Traveler
Physical Therapy at Breakthru in Voorhees has been a fantastic experience. Michelle, Henry, Sarah and the rest of the staff are so friendly, encouraging, and all around amazing people. I've had a great time too getting to know and bonding with the other therapy attendees. It's felt like a big family. My mobility has improved, and my exercises are easy to implement at home. There's a big gym empty and waiting for someone to take it over at the Voorhees Town Center...Then Breakthru in Voorhees could add personal training....
Kristin Mansfield
Pam, Zach and the whole staff are amazing. Highly recommend!!
J pushes you with care! He is a great PT!
Map daddy
Tim's a very good therapist, very personable, professional. Easy to work with.Brake through I'd recommend to any one.
Ron Janney
Good instruction. Friendly atmosphere.
ca tran
I can't say enough good things about Matt, Kyle, Russell and Nick. I was very skeptical when my health insurance wanted me to try PT inplace of shots to ease the pain while I waited the six month to my surgery date. Over the years I have tried PT for myself as well as for my children at different PT offices. None of them ever helped. You were given a couple stretches to do on your own and sent on your way. Not with Rehab Excellence Turnersville!! To my surprise Matt came up with a plan that not only got me to my surgery date but eased the pain, numbness and tingling that I was able to do a few things I was not able to do when I first started PT. They truly care about their patients!! The amount of time they spend with their patients is amazing, no matter how many questions you ask, or how many times they have to show you an exercise(some of us over, and over again) doesn't matter. It is always answered or shown with a smile and as if it's the first time they are showing you. They are always very pleasant, funny, and caring. They treat you like family. I am now finishing up my post surgery PT and can't thank them enough. I have and will continue to recommend this office to anyone looking for a PT office. Matt, Kyle, Russell and Nick truly are the BEST!!
Trevor Swanson
I had a stage 5 separation in my right shoulder AC joint that required surgery. I completed 10 weeks of physical therapy with DJ and Matt where I began with zero movement of my right shoulder. DJ and Matt were patient but confident that I would not only regain range of motion but also began building my strength back towards the end of my time with Breakthru. 10 weeks later all ROM is back and I’m beginning to see a lot of progress with regaining strength in my right shoulder. I cant recommend Breakthru enough for anyone looking for rockstar physical therapists!
patricia nicoll
The staff are knowledgeable, patient and they listen. I will definitely be back if I need physical therapy for anything else. I feel I was helped and they genuinely cared about my well being. Breakthru Physical Therapy is the best!!!
Stasia Burger
Everyone is so friendly and welcoming here. All the therapists help each other out with their patients. I get a lot of attention and getting a little better every week. Would recommend them, especially Kristen.
vkm buzz
I had consistent calf muscle pain for couple of months and struggled lot everyday... Tim is my Savior, after his PT sessions, my pain is gone and i finished my scheduled Broadstreet 10miles run. Highly recommend!
Agnieszka Purcell
If you are in need of physical therapy, this is the place to go.I came to the Breakthru PT in Voorhees to alleviate the pain in my back and reduce numbness in my leg. I I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan, a fantastic physical therapist who was very helpful and knowledgeable. knowledgeable and focused on my desired outcome. He consistently provided encouraging attitude and gave me the hope and determination. I also like the way he pushes me and always enjoy getting to see him. The staff is friendly, helpful and extremely welcoming. Appointments are running on time, you are even encouraged to stay longer than expected, unlike in other PT facilities. If John is not available, all physiotherapists are well educated. And. I would go to any of them. Do Breakthru is a great choice for building habits that will be beneficial for years. This is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a professional who is reliable, attentive, and trustworthy.
Gary Woods
Chose this place hoping for a more aggressive pt to allow me to rehab based on my employment. Jake did not disappoint! Professional, knowledgeable, friendly... couldn't have chosen a better place to get back on my game!
Julia Smith
The Berlin office has been absolutely wonderful to me prior to my surgery in helping to strengthen my shoulder and then afterwards regaining movement, function, and strength again. DJ customized my treatment program specific to my injury as well as complaints each session. My surgeon was always very pleased with my progress at every follow up visit as I was superseding his expectations. Matt was always very helpful in guiding me during my sessions as well and helping me with my form to get the most out of each my exercise. I owe a big thank you to the entire office!!!
anthony jones
Dr Matt and Mark are very helpful and knowledgeable about helping me recover from my injuries. They listen to what I say is wrong and find the appropriate exercises to help
Bill Siegle
I can’t say enough about how the team at Breakthru - Berlin helped me. After years of varying treatments of PT, injections and orthopedics for my neck and shoulder, Mark and the team positively addressed my issues. They not only restored me to normal physical activities but also taught me ongoing care techniques that should prevent future recurrences.
Cordell johnson
If I could give Dr Abby 10 stars I would, she’s well worth the services. I’ve tried multiple PT facilities with no success in relieving my pain. It took Dr Abby one visit to feel the relief! I highly recommend BreakThru PT in Mount Laurel and Dr Abby to everyone. The office is nice and staff is wonderful! Special thanks to Carolyn at the front desk for recommending Abby, she’s been very helpful.
Carol Geller
I am a veteran of PT, but I can honestly say that I have never actually seen and felt the good results I am getting after working with Tim for almost 8 weeks. I have numerous issues and he is helping me address them all. It is a great atmosphere, and Tim makes it fun. Tim is really knowledgeable and he listens to me and wants to help me achieve my goals. Thanks Tim. What a great feat! Lol
John Garofalo
Jake and his team are fantastic. I had knee replacement surgery. When I came into Breakthru I could only use a walker After 12 weeks everyone tells me how well I am walking.He is patient and highly knowledgeable about your condition and recovery. He ensures that you have the strength and flexibility to significantly increase your quality of life.I strongly try recommend Breakthru PT.
Kathie Palin
Abby is the best physical therapist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have been seeing Abby for at least 5 years for various injuries. I have always had a positive result. She makes me work hard and I don't mind as there is no gain without pain. I have recommended her to a number of individuals I know and they have all had positive outcomes.
Bettyjane Watkins
I have gone to Breakthru for years. Most recently my therapist Tim Salkowski was transferred and promoted to the Mt. Laurel office. Once my schedule changed I was able to follow Tim to Mt. Laurel because out of all my therapists I had the best results with Tim. I highly recommend Breakthru, especially Tim. The office is brand new and all of the staff are kind and friendly.
Frank Locantore
I started working with Zach after getting evaluated and in no time he had me feeling much much better. He listened to me as I explained what I was feeling and didn’t box me in. He quickly pinpointed my problem and created a rehab program that’s really helping. I highly recommend Zach and his staff.
Being an active senior, I experience pain and discomfort as most of my peers do. My doctor suggested physical therapy and further suggested Breakthru Physical Therapy and Fitness. At first i was skeptical as I thought only medicine or surgery would correct my ailments. I was wrong.Zack and his team at “Medford Breakthru” were tremendous at identifying my specific problem areas and charted a course of treatment. To my surprise, I started to feel much better after I started therapy. Zack is extremely patience and listens carefully to the patient so he can draw necessary feedback and apply his next course of treatment.After 5 weeks much of my pain was gone. My “at home exercises”, prescribed by the team, showed very positive results.I strongly recommend Zack and his team at Medford Breakthru. You will see results!Thanks you Zack, Kobear, Steve and Megan for your above and beyond attention to my condition.
Alice Cundiff
I have been to both medford Breakthru locations because I follow Pam Bigelow wherever she goes , I fondly refer to her as my “Yoda” because she has the answers . I was ambivalent about going at first because it’s a smaller location , but you have the gym that makes up for it . The entire staff at both locations is great but I love going to the Nelson drive location now because i can do pool therapy and I still have Pam ! Also a lot of my PT is now with the gym equipment as i progress . Im still exhausted afterwards , I had a total knee replacement 7 weeks ago , but im doing well . I do not believe I could have come as far as I have without the help of PT and Breakthru in particular and ESPECIALLY because of Pam . She goes above and beyond , all you have to do is ask and Pam will take care of you ! The entire staff is great ❤️
Gina 2073
Jon and the staff were knowledgeable, friendly and really helpful! They listen to the patients’ needs & work with them to achieve great results! They are extremely thorough, have great communication, and provided amazing support and help to get my body feeling better, so I am able to live life without pain! Highly recommend!
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