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Jodi Goldman PT, DPT

Co-Founder, Partner


My name is Jodi Goldman, I am a Physical Therapist and co-owner of BREAKTHRU. My husband and I started Breakthru in 2004 with just a few treatment tables, no office equipment, just our hands and thoughts of how we wanted to practice Physical Therapy.

We spent the quality time we wanted with our patients and also having nobody working with us, we walked to the food store next store to photocopy patients’ insurance cards. It was a fun beginning. We have since grown, and it has been a great adventure!

As a PT, I emphasize a holistic approach and full-body wellness in treatment. I studied biology as an undergraduate at the State University of New York at Oneonta, and at the University of California at Los Angeles. I earned a BSc(Hons) in Physical Therapy at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, and I earned my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Simmons College.


  • Undergraduate at the State University of New York at Oneonta
  • BSc(Hons) in Physical Therapy at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, Simmons College


  • Certified in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT)
  • Certified LSVT BIG Therapist for Parkinson’s

Born: Manhattan, NY

Now Resides: Medford, NJ

Tip: Don’t isolate a body part… Look at your whole body, from nutrition to exercise. The whole body affects the parts.

Jodi’s Favorite & FUN Facts:

  • Place: The Mountains
  • Restaurant: big fan of breweries like Iron Hill
  • Food: Indian
  • Vacation: National Parks out West
  • City: San Francisco
  • TV show: Homeland
  • Film: E.T.
  • Singer/Group: Grateful Dead, U2, Classic Rock
  • Celebrity: Bono
  • Book: I can’t choose just one.
  • Sports: Basketball and Dance
  • Team: 76ers


Being outdoors, hiking, biking, running, camping, traveling, photography, reading, chilling with my kids

Patient Reviews

Twin Boro - Bayonne
Based on 1035 reviews
Ralph Calderone
I torn my bicep tendon & waited 3 months before the repair. The bicep had significant muscle atrophy. Breakthru is an outstanding PT facility, Tim S. and his team used advanced & extensive technologies to shorten recovery from the torn bicep & frightening muscle atrophy. They put together a comprehensive rehab program involving bands, stretch, weights, recum bikes, soft tissue & scar message and blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy. In 5 weeks I progressed from being extremely weak with a bicep. My bicep was 1.5 inches smaller since the injury with limited range of motion. Five weeks later my arm has full function and I can easily curling 25lb dumbells. BFR under the direction of a PT really allowed muscle growth with much lighter weight. I joined a large support group with similar injuries and it appears no one has recovered as quickly as me. Tim's program & the Breakthru facility with certified BFR & deep scar tissue therapies accelerated my recovery by 6 months.
Amanda Fitchett
I came to Breakthru after I threw my back out. Shannon has been phenomenal in getting me back to myself. She diagnosed where the pain was coming from, explained everything in terms of how I could understand. It's been a few weeks and I have been pain free and moving much better. Getting an appointment was easy and they were always able to work with my schedule. In addition, if I didn't do my at home exercises, I was never made to feel like I did something wrong or felt guilty for not doing them. I would highly recommend them for PT needs!
Aris Taflambas
Zac, Pam and Jenny are fabulous. I’ve seen too much improvementt, but don’t tell my wife.

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