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"They are awesome I couldn't ask for a better team to go to for rehabilitation of my hand. They made sure I was ok with every new exercise they had me doing. I'm now 100% able to go haul cars again. Thank you Jake"
May 11, 2022
"Tim has been doing a great job with me and my shoulder issues; the team is clearly awesome there....."
May 11, 2022
"Dr. Jon was awesome! The team at Breakthru were helpful and kind! Highly recommend! "
May 10, 2022
"All of my PT team was professional and patient with my training. I felt they all cared about my condition and developed a plan of care that helped me to regain strength and mobility. All of my team was accepting of my limitations and never let me feel inadequate. With each visit I was given positive feedback, and upon completing my in person treatment I was provided with a plan of care for home use. I will always remember my team and I appreciate all their hard work. A score of five is not high enough. Thanks again. Pat Theckston"
May 05, 2022
"Dr. David Wright Jr & Matt Unger, helped Me through my pain & recovery. They are an Awesome team. I would recommend this facility to anyone who is in need of physical therapy. Thank you "
May 04, 2022
"Excellent staff. They have continued to provide me with quality therapy/training."
May 02, 2022
"Carina is a very pleasant and helpful front desk person. Jake is awesome! He listens, is always pleasant. I find him very knowledgeable and able to answer any questions regarding the body and nerves and this is reassuring. I believe I am exactly where I am meant to be for PT!"
Apr 25, 2022
"I highly recommend this office. They are very friendly and professional. My injury which caused severe knee pain was well managed. They offered sound advice and treatment. I have made significant gains and look forward to getting back to normal very soon. "
Apr 18, 2022
"Abby is wonderful. She inspires confidence and has helped me get my life back. My knees are so much stronger. Thank you Abby and Breakthru"
Apr 15, 2022
"I have been getting PT currently for 8 months with Matt. He is very patient, and has helped cause me to improve during that time in a significant manner. My upper body is much stronger, and I am getting more movement from my upper extremity by strengthening my core. I’m even learning to play pickle ball!!"
Apr 03, 2022
"Out of nowhere, I was in excruciating pain. It started in my glute but spread throughout my entire body. I'm a fitness member at Breakthru, so my first thought was that they could figure this out. "We'll fix you up - maybe in a couple of weeks!" That's what Kevin said - and it was very hard to believe. But yes - in 2 weeks I was well on my way and in 6 weeks, the pain was GONE!! My trainer, Steve, worked on the same plan and I'm back to weight-lifting again! New goals, new progress. Thank you, Kevin, Steve, and Breakthru."
Mar 29, 2022
"I'm just finishing PT with Dr. John Eaton in Voorhees for sciatica that ran down my left leg into my foot. At the start of my sessions, I told John I could not believe it would heal and I'd be able to walk without pain in 6 weeks. John assured me that if I came to PT 3 times/week and followed up with home exercises he prescribed for the off days, I would be immensely improved by about the 6 week mark. It has been 6 weeks and I've graduated from PT with next to no pain in my leg. My goal was to hike in the Grand Canyon in mid April. I'm now confident that I'll be able to do those hikes. I just need to continue with the updated stretches and exercises John sent me again. He truly knows what he's doing and remembers everything you tell him. I'm giving my highest endorsement to John and the entire Breakthru Team. It was an all around positive experience."
Mar 21, 2022
"I am just finishing up five weeks of aqua therapy with Zach at Breakthru’s Medford Fitness location. It has been a great experience! I decided to go to Breakthru based on the online reviews, even though it wasn’t local to home in Collingswood, and I’m so glad I did. The environment is comfortable, and I always felt that I was in very knowledgeable hands with Zach. He listens to what you tell him and actively responds and adjusts accordingly. The exercises were challenging, and I feel like I've made great progress. Abby, the receptionist, was also very warm and welcoming. I will definitely go there again, if needed, in the future. I highly recommend Breakthru Physical Therapy!"
Mar 16, 2022
"First I must say in my physical therapy experience, I’ve learned that where and who you receive PT from is extremely important and makes a world of difference in your body’s ability after PT. Breakthru has surpassed any other facilities I’ve ever visited. The Certified Therapist are the best. They are very through and pinpoint ways to heal any injuries or issues. I purposely drive an hour away from home, so that me and my KIDS receive the best treatments!! Yes ALL the therapist are great working with kids; patient is a virtue!!! Breakthru is the only Therapy that offers a special treatments for my daughters scoliosis!! And even at such an upscale facility EVERYONE makes you feel comfortable and at home. I can’t say enough about Breakthru.. they even have workout fitness personal training and nutrition programs. Anthony at the front desk is so sweet and flexible with appointment scheduling. "
Mar 07, 2022
"I go to the Breakthru in Mt. Laurel and Carolyn is very nice and helpful she always helps me with any questions I have and she also is great with scheduling my appointments. I work with Abby and with Matt they are both very great when they are working with me with my therapy. I would recommend family and friends to this location."
Mar 05, 2022
"Matthew Frederick has been my therapist for a few weeks now. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and caring. From my experience, I can confidently say that he gives his best to his patients. I highly recommend Breakthru to patients who need physical therapy. Thank you Matt for your great help. It is greatly appreciated."
Feb 18, 2022
"Matt is phenomenal, very informative, and so Knowledgeable and personable."
Feb 18, 2022
"I have been seeing physical therapist Matt Frederick now for 7 weeks at the Mt. Laurel location. He is compassionate, smart and very knowledgeable. I'm very happy with my progress!"
Feb 17, 2022
"I really recommend Breakthru Physical Therapy at Voorhees. Very cooperative staff. I am really thankful to Dr Asha Pandey-Smith. She is very kind, passionate and knowledgeable. She helped me to achieve all my goals after my ACL reconstruction. She accommodated my therapy sessions with my work schedule. "
Feb 15, 2022
"Dr. Tim Salkowski quickly gained my confidence. He was extremely thorough with my evaluation and was attentive. He listened, he asked questions. A physical therapy plan was made. Tim challenged me to trust the process. My physical therapy was challenging. I learned to trust Tim and Breakthru Physical Therapy and I am glad that I did. "
Feb 11, 2022
"I am 83 years old and Natalie Yakimov is my personal trainer. I am so pleased with her that I want to publicly thank and recommend her.She is patient,caring and competent.Also,she is a very pleasant person to spend time with."
Jan 23, 2022
"Shoulder injury? Shoulder surgery recovery? If yes, i'm going to explain in detail, why Jake is the man to see. In addition to all the proper, formal credentials,Jake is also a shoulder injury, shoulder surgery survivor just like you. Consequently, when he says: "I feel your pain," or "I've been there," he truly means it.. After the preliminaries, i.e., the usual pages of questions, range of motion and strength measurements, etc, your therapy will begin. After the heat compress to warm up the shoulder, Jake then performs the best shoulder girdle loosening and range of motion massage to prepare your shoulder for the actual rehabilitation exercises and stretches. One can rely on Jake to be a careful, empathetic, hands-on therapist. Jake is also very helpful and creative in providing suggestions for home exercises and stretching for the days when one doesn't attend sessions at the office. One more item and then i'll close, if you start to miss sessions, Jake will reach out to you and find out why. Can't recommend Jake enough. "
Jan 23, 2022
"I recommend Breakthru in Medford for their professionalism, friendly staff, cleanliness, convenience and overall commitment to restoring a patients quality of life. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Marc DeLellis, after cervical fusion surgery. Dr. Marc is very knowledgeable, kind, caring and a patient therapist. He supported me physically and emotionally during my difficult recovery. Breakthru is a unique facility because they allow you to utilize the fitness center while you are under their care. You can go in and complete your exercises and work out anytime during the day. They really strive to give you all the tools you need for have a successful recovery. In my opinion there is only one place to go for your physical therapy needs!"
Jan 12, 2022
"I've been working with Dr. Marc DeLellis to address recent changes in my balance over the past year. I've experienced multiple falls and although my vertigo (BPPV) has been addressed with "Epley Maneuver" training, working with Marc has helped me to greatly improve my muscle strength, my steadiness while walking, my balance, and my confidence Dr. Marc is highly trained, knowledgeable, patient, kind, and sincerely interested in my ongoing progress. I highly recommend Breakthru Physical Therapy for skilled and caring treatment, clean modern equipment, helpful staff, and a sincere commitment to the health of their clients."
Dec 10, 2021
"For over a decade, I have struggled with congestion, bloating, and dry, itchy skin. Add a couple of surgeries, stressful "sandwich" years, and the Pandemic -and my weight started climbing the scale, as well. When I learned about the Nutrition program at Breakthru, I knew I had nothing to lose - but pounds! Lisa talked to me with sensitivity and genuine concern about my health and emotional well-being. She identified potential food intolerances and we began an elimination diet to see if it would help me with my symptoms. The difference it made was immediate and astounding. My bloating ended. Then, my congestion. We are now working on my diet plan to reduce my weight. I feel confident that I will reach my goal weight through Lisa's guidance and support. Breakthru has never let me down as a PT client. The Nutrition program is a much-needed add-on."
Nov 17, 2021
"I've had great experiences with Breakthru. I had an Achilles heel injury, and Brandon at the Marlton facility helped me recover from that injury, learning to strengthen all my Achilles heel and ankle areas. The exercises he taught me I still do at home. And I am currently getting physical therapy from Brandon for my neck and spine now. I'm grateful for Brandon's encouragement and belief that I could accomplish my physical therapy goals. I had personal fitness training for 6 months at the Medford facility and I gained a lot of confidence in my strength physically. I've never done resistance or strength training and even with my condition I'm more confident than ever in my life for fitness goals from All the great Physical therapy and fitness training I've had at breakthru. I'm grateful for the breakthru staff And the management how they care about their patients and treat them like family. I went to other companies for physical therapy in the past and I was never helped in this capacity that I am currently. Both facilities that I go to are extremely clean, and I've felt comfortable through this whole pandemic during my therapy and fitness training. Thank you for all your patience and caring, to all the breakthru staff and management. Patients could not be in better care when they're getting physical therapy or fitness training at their facility."
Nov 17, 2021
"I had a great experience with Brandon! He listened and was able to address all of my needs. I left feeling strong and confident. "
Sep 29, 2021
"It was a pleasure going to physical therapy with Breakthru. Matt really challenged my limits. If you would have told me I would be feeling as great as I am, I would not have believe you. Along with the professionalism of Matt, he was really easy to laugh and joke with. He never made me feel like I couldn’t do something. He would give me a new exercise and I would laugh (kind of like yeah right) and low and behold he would have me doing that exercise in no time! Matt pushed me past any limits I had set for myself. He was a pleasure to have by my side rooting me on. "
Sep 23, 2021
"Dr. Jake was excellent to work with. He really listened to my needs and helped me recover from a hamstring injury. The homecare plan he gave me after I completed therapy has been very helpful. Thank you, Dr. Jake!"
Sep 21, 2021
"I worked with Dr.Jake for about four weeks to rehab my pulled hamstring. He provided me with an excellent recovery plan which began with stretching and light exercises to help build up my strength again. Eventually, I got to the point of being able to do vigorous exercise with hardly any pain at all. It was a wonderful experience and I would gladly recommend Breakthru Voorhees to my friends and family!"
Sep 03, 2021
"My daughter goes to BT for Schroth method for her scoliosis. They are great at working with her on stretches and helping fix that curve!"
Sep 03, 2021
"Dr. Tim is my awesome therapist! He has helped me to achieve my highest and best through my issues. Always supportive and knowledgeable . I danced for the first time in 17 years! Breakthru has been a huge part of my healing over the years. Thank you Tim and all the staff, past and present!"
Sep 02, 2021
"I worked with Saqib and Mark who were very detailed in exposing what I needed to do. Easy to work with. Not to mention Saqib’s magnificent facial hair! Great Place for PT."
Aug 30, 2021
"Staff are very helpful. My PT, Tim is awesome. Everything is clean and accessible. Love this place!"
Aug 30, 2021
" Highly recommend Breakthru Fitness, the staff is very professional. My therapist is Jake and I cannot speak more highly of him, Thank you Jake. Irv "
Aug 27, 2021
"Dr. Tim is the best ! Getting me back on track after strained tendons in my foot !! Staff is great & Krystal , a student under his tutelage is doing great ! Always go for PT when recommended , makes a huge difference in your recovery !"
Aug 08, 2021
"Jon & his staff have been working with me off and on for over 3 years. I have issues due to arthritis & injuries. Also, he works with my family as well. Breakthru PT are knowledgeable & caring when working with you. Five stars here!"
Aug 06, 2021
""Dr. Nolan conducted a very comprehensive evaluation and analysis of my physical issues & performance thresholds prior to starting the PT activity. He then initiated the appropriate plan to gradually increase my strength and flexibility, which has proven to substantially heal the weakened muscles and damaged tendons. The debilitating pain in my shoulders and the associated neuropathy in the fingers of both hands have been significantly reduced from having three weeks of two treatments/week sessions. I look forward to a continuing reduction in the discomfort.""
Aug 03, 2021
"Zach, Anthony and Tiera have been extremely helpful in helping me to get back to "
Jul 28, 2021
"Asha Pandey has been able to fix my shoulder issues. She is very pleasant to work with and knows what she is doing. I'm very happy with PT staff and specifically Asha. "
Jul 25, 2021
"Have been working with Jon for 6 weeks. He is great - attentive and caring. Has good hands to take care of pain. Been to 2 other PT offices before COVID, found my permanent one. In fact, after PT, I am signing up for personal fitness classes. One thing you NEED to do - do all the exercises/stretches they advise you to do at home. I didn't do the for the first three weeks - wish I had followed Jon's instructions to work at home also. Also, Colin who works there never seems to take a break."
Jul 19, 2021
"The service and professionalism exceeded my expectations. Can't say enough about this place. I feel they truly cared about my well being and healing process !!"
Jul 16, 2021
"Making great progress with my lower back pain and issues working with Asha. All the staff are caring, friendly and knowledgeable. If you must undergo PT for any issues, Breakthru is the best choice in our area! Great facility with excellent people."
Jun 25, 2021
"The therapist is the best! And the receptionist was very helpful! I always feel comfortable going there and never feel foolish asking questions! Thank you Zach and Anthony!"
Jun 23, 2021
"My teenage daughter has been training with Robbie for a few months now and it has been a great experience! He is extremely knowledgeable and has been able to push her well beyond what she thought would be possible. He continually combines fast pace and positive energy in a way that always keeps her motivated to achieve more. We're glad we found Breakthru and look forward continued progress going forward."
Jun 11, 2021
"Nick Nolan and crew are the most caring and conscientious therapists I have ever worked with. They listen to your needs and evaluate the best course of therapy one could require. It is a great experience at therapy. I look forward to my sessions. I highly recommend Nick Nolan and Breakthru PT "
Jun 11, 2021
"My 15 year old son has scoliosis, and we came here because several of the therapists are trained in Shroth method. Dr. Kevin has been phenomenal! He has helped to rebalance the muscle in my son’s spine, and has improved his posture and overall sense of well-being. He is now going to Robbie for personal training as well. This has been a tremendous boost for his confidence! Everyone here is professional and caring- even the front office staff and therapy students. This is a wonderful facility for so many reasons- I highly recommend Breakthru. They live up to their name!"
May 26, 2021
"When I first started going to Breakthru Physical Therapy I could not walk at all. Now I can. What a miracle. Thank you Abigail, Rebecca And Matthew for your hard work. I would also like to thank Carolyn for cheering me on along the way."
May 25, 2021
"I have been working with Asha at Breakthru in the Voorhees office and I can’t tell you how much she has helped me! She takes the time to listen to your ailments and explains what each and every exercise will do to help your body! My neck pain is gone and my range of motion is so much better! I can’t thank Asha enough! I really enjoyed my time there and would definitely go back if needed!"
May 21, 2021
"Pleased with the staff, they are conscientious and caring. They’ve helped me with my physical disabilities. The best!"
May 21, 2021
"Steve is hands down the best trainer I've ever had. He works around my existing injuries and is extremely dedicated, patient, encouraging and compassionate. His attention to detail when doing the exercises is impeccable; he cares about good form to get the maximum benefit from the exercises."
May 19, 2021
"What led me to Breakthru was a connection with Robbie, who's a trainer there, former college teammate of mine, and great friend. About a month ago, I was in a place where I was dissatisfied with where I was in terms of my physical/athletic self and started training with Robbie. We're now a handful of sessions in and he's been great - easy to ask questions, he's always giving perspective on why we're doing what we're doing, and I'm leaving each session with a strong feeling of progression. "Feeling of progression" translated: dog tired and sore in the morning!! Excited for future sessions and continued growth with Robbie's help as well as the Breakthru staff/facilities!"
May 19, 2021
"Robbie Brosh is an awesome trainer! He's very knowledgeable and attentive to his clients. We focus on mobility and strength training and because of his guidance, I honestly never felt stronger. Robbie was also able to eliminate tightness in my shoulders and strengthen my core, allowing me to comfortably perform heavier lifts with confidence. He's also very personable and comes to work everyday with a positive attitude, I look forward to our sessions and leave feeling like I accomplished a goal. I HIGHLY recommend Robbie and the Breakthru Therapy Team. "
May 19, 2021
"My personal training with Robbie has been a Great experience. He is very patient with My physical restrictions of my spine and neck condition. I am getting stronger and losing some weight and Robby is very knowledgeable in the fitness and personal training field. He is very compassionate and cares about My progress. I am continuing more training with Robbie and so glad he's My trainer! Thank you Robbie for your patience and support!"
May 19, 2021
"Breakthru has had my back for, I guess, four years. First as a therapy and later with a great trainer - Lisa White. Lisa is a combination of experience and personality. She pushes me through exercises that I would never do on my own - makes me sweat. Twice a week at 10 o'clock I work with Lisa and when I am done I feel like I accomplished something good. I would suggest to anyone needing a exercise routine check them out. Breakthru in Medford is tops."
May 19, 2021
"Breakthru has helped me gain better mobility and strength in my arthritic knees. Natalie is very knowledgeable dealing with my limitations. The three month personal training program is worth the effort."
May 19, 2021
"Breakthru is great. Been going for four years to Lisa, my trainer. She has guided me through a broken foot and a hip replacement. She strives to challenge me while being thoughtful and kind."
May 19, 2021
"Went to Breakthru for problems with lower back degenerative disc issues and resultant sciatic nerve pain and left leg weakness. After a surprisingly few visits I felt much better and had a substantial reduction in symptoms. My therapist was excellent in listening to my problems and providing stretching techniques and strengthening exercises. I have since been discharged and look forward to more activity and less pain. "
May 18, 2021
"I've been getting physical therapy on My neck and spine with Brandon at the Marlton facility since around last August. He has helped me so much to strengthen my neck and spine. Brandon is very patient,he takes the time to explain everything and he cares about all his patients. Brandon is very encouraging and positive and compassionate. When I have pain and I'm discouraged he guides me into strengthening my body with encouragement and how I can make progress. Thank you Brandon for all your help and encouragement!"
May 12, 2021
"I love Breakthru Therapy and fitness. In my latest encounter Brandon Fredhoff (Marlton) got me on the road to recovery and Lisa White is continuing to help me push the limits. In January I couldn't hardly lift a piece of paper and now I'm using weights to build strength and flexibility. Kudos to both of them.... Thank you so much 😀"
May 06, 2021
"Natalie is wonderful! Easy to chat with during my workouts. Terrific in teaching me correct positions for beginning lifting and strengthening!"
May 04, 2021
"Natalie is wonderful. She is very patient and knows exactly what is best for me. I look forward to our cessions. "
May 04, 2021
"I’ve had a wonderful experience with Saqib as my physical therapist. He is encouraging and persistent and I have seen a great improvement in my flexibility and range of motion. Natalie, my personal trainer is also terrific. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging. I have learned so much from her about various exercises and how my body works. The best thing about Breakthru is that physical therapy and personal training are offered at the same location. This way, my personal trainer can confer with my physical therapist to make sure I am getting the best workout my body can safely handle. "
May 03, 2021
"Natalie is a trainer who is in tune with a client’s needs. She is personable, knowledgeable and a delight to work with. I’m grateful to be working with her. I give her my highest rating for her expertise. She’s a gem"
May 03, 2021
"Great PT. Zach and his team do a terrific job. Nice balance of challenging but not overworking you, and giving new exercises to keep it fresh. "
May 03, 2021
"I am a long term patient and they have helped me tremendously with all of my problems."
Apr 30, 2021
"Therapists are friendly, attentive and experienced. The atmosphere is non competitive and easy going. I recommend Breakthru for your therapy or fitness needs."
Apr 29, 2021
"The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and caring. Kevin took time to listen and come up with a plan to address my issues which greatly helped in my recovery. I highly recommend Breakthru and would use them again should I need PT in the future! "
Apr 29, 2021
"Over the past several weeks I have been a patient at this facility, being with the staff and how they have made me feel. They are friendly and helpful, along with being a professional team, I would recommend this place to my family and friends. "
Apr 25, 2021
"I’ve had a great experience at Breakthru with TMJ therapy. There are not many places that provide this therapy and I did not realize how much it would help. The staff is very welcoming, friendly, and supportive. I would definitely recommend Breakthru! "
Apr 09, 2021
"Saqib was the best! This was a long process for my son. Saqib worked with him and had him do workouts that were fun. With his help we are happy, healed and back to normal! Thank you so much!"
Feb 08, 2021
"Dr. Habib developed a great plan to address my lower back pain. I enjoyed working with him and the rest of the staff in Medford. "
Jan 28, 2021
"I worked with Lisa 3 times per week after Covid restrictions (I had worked with her before too) and she was so helpful! She was very cooperative in meeting all of my “problem area” requests, as well as coming to each session with prepared suggestions she had doin advance on her own. Lisa really “knows her stuff” and could answer every question I ever asked. Through her help I’ve even lost 19 lbs this year. Thanks Lisa! "
Sep 20, 2020
"I think Dr. Habib is very knowledgeable and an outstanding therapist."
Sep 16, 2020
"I see Alan for personal training and he's the best! He's patient, encouraging, and works with my schedule! I have noticeable improvements within my strength and physique from his help. "
Sep 14, 2020
"I see Alan for personal training and he's the best! He's patient, encouraging, and works woth my schedule! I have noticeable improvements within my strength and physique from his help. "
Sep 14, 2020
"There are many different PT places and I been to many, but no one beats Breakthru. Been a patient for a few years now, and won't go anywhere else. Lately Jonathon has been my therapist. I have found all the employees listen to the patients and adjust treatment to how the patient is feeling. This includes increasing or decreasing weights, trying different exercises and addressing the patients concerns. They are also very pleasant and caring. "
Sep 07, 2020
"After dealing with vertigo for well over a year, possibly two, Brian fixed me in just two visits. Rolling over in bed to walking became very challenging. I feel that Brian listened to my situation and focused on getting me back to hood health. He’s a Godsend. Thank you Brian. Linda"
Sep 03, 2020
"Asha was professional in every way. Listened to my needs and went out of her way to explain exercises I needed to do at home. Always respectful yet friendly. Facility was always being wiped down. I felt safe and comfortable "
Aug 02, 2020

Have been working with Jon for 6 weeks. He is great – attentive and caring. Has good hands to take care of pain in my neck, back and hips. Been to 2 other PT offices before COVID, found my favorite one. In fact, after PT, I am signing up for personal fitness classes.

– Ebenezer M

Nick is AWESOME! I went to Breakthru for my knee two years ago and knew exactly where I needed to go after I hurt my back. Breakthru staff is seriously the best and really care about your treatment plan. I recommend this location to everyone I know because it\’s that great.

– Carly G.

I came to this location of Breakthru on the recommendation of a family member after I was experiencing lower back pain. I saw Dr. Asha for over a month and have to say she was fantastic, caring, and attentive to my needs. I learned and performed a number of exercises that I feel confident to try on my own and no longer have the back pain. Being a patient here I felt very welcomed and listened to, and no session with Dr. Asha was alike, and she was more than open to changing the exercises and methods if my pain changed location. I am grateful for her and all of the staff\’s help in my recovery!

– Jason P.

Well first let me start by saying my daughter had to go to aqua therapy due to fibromyalgia and she experiences severe depression and anxiety on top of chronic pain. I let them know ahead of time how seriously nervous she was to start this therapy and we arrived for her first visit which I am currently still at. Sitting here watching her successfully get through her pt with a therapist that not only was kind and welcoming when we walked in, which puts people with anxiety at ease instantly, but also is making her experience comfortable and relaxed. Asking and making sure she is okay as she goes along and even giving an encouraging “you\’re doing a great job” ! Some people with disabilities really need that, and patience, and really need kindness to succeed. I couldn\’t have asked for more as a Mom and as a new patient. Thank you very much. The staff is very understanding and I highly recommend Breakthru Therapy.

– Tara H.

I am currently going here and working with Emily for shoulder surgery rehab. Her and the entire staff have been absolutely wonderful. I feel as though I have made great progress. Everyone at Breakthru takes the time to learn patient names so you don\’t feel like you are just a number.

– Amy P

At the age of 14 I had knee surgery, which left me unable to competitively swim with my team. The doctor predicted I would not be able to compete again for probably a year. The week after my surgery I began physical therapy with Abby. Abby supported me during the good days and bad days and kept me on track to recover ahead of schedule. This past weekend, only nine months after surgery, I competed in my first swim meet after surgery! A huge shoutout to abby for making it possible for me to return to the sport I love earlier than expected, supporting me and making me laugh all the time. Thank you for your professionalisms and expertise. I highly recommend Abby Dingle and Breakthru.

– Erin M.

I was referred to Breakthru from a friend in the medical field, specifically because they were excellent with neck and back pain which I was experiencing. I was evaluated by Dr Ryan Stahl. Working with him twice a week has relieved 95% of my pain. I’m still working with him and expect only to continue getting better. He’s putting together a plan for home which I can utilize to maintain my well being. I would highly recommend Breakthru.

– Brian R.

Earlier this spring I encountered a very nagging and painful injury. I run track and cross country year-round at Seneca, so staying in shape and taking care of myself are two things I try to be very aware of. I tried to heal my injury for a solid four weeks by myself, but nothing compared to the physical therapy I received from Dr. Abigail. She guided me through every exercise and each part of rehabilitation with professionalism. Never once did I question her methods or therapy, and I have felt so much better. I am up and running again with no problems just after a few awesome weeks with her!

– Evie L.

The team at Breakthru is absolutely amazing! I have had multiple injuries from sports and have been through physical therapy at other clinics, and no other practice has compared to the treatment I have received at Breakthru. They always make sure that even when the clinic is busy, every single patient is getting the same amount of attention and is being properly guided through their exercises. The assistants are always there to provide a helping hand when needed! Abby has allowed me to continue with my normal daily routine while receiving care for my headaches. As an athlete who didn’t want to give up my active lifestyle, Abby helped me get back to my normal exercise routine with some modifications in order to continue healing. I would recommend this clinic to absolutely anyone who is looking to receive phenomenal physical therapy treatment!

– Maria P.

My 8 year old daughter is a competitive gymnast who had a grade 2 ACL tear and meniscus tear. Given her age, her surgeon said physical therapy was her only chance at coming back to gymnastics. Dr. Abby worked with her for 6 months and got her back to full gymnastics capability. She is very knowledgeable and kept things fun for my daughter. Highly recommend!

– Julie M.

Breakthru is great. They help make you whole again. I have been working with Dr. Abigail Dingle, and she really cares for her clients. I have my own smaller background in fitness, but she was able to pinpoint the one thing I was missing. She doesn’t just give you exercises though. She really listens to your needs while also pushing you at the appropriate times. All the staff is friendly and helpful. Even if you are a younger, healthier individual, do not be afraid to give Abby and Breakthru a chance. You will be glad you did.

– Justin W.

Breakthru Physical Therapy is a very professional, warm and friendly environment to receive a hands-on approach to getting well. My personal experience with Brandon, the physical therapist and Alan, the physical therapy aide has been very motivating in allowing me to feel better and become more productive in my daily routine. Various therapeutic modalities are used in this environment to increase my strength, desire to work hard and get better. I recommend Breakthru Physical Therapy to anyone that wants to increase their mobility and quality of life.

– Elaine S.

I came to Breakthru after a corrective ankle surgery and can say that they have set a totally different bar for physical therapy. The team at Breakthru makes you feel like family and makes what should be a grueling activity a lot more pleasant. I had an unpleasant experience at my PT office and was a little afraid about starting PT again. They listen to you and don’t push beyond the limits. Everyone at Breakthru is doing a great job!

– Ashley A.

The physical therapists there are wonderful. Brandon and Alan have been working with me from day one. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and I’m sure for them, working with me isn’t easy (at least that’s what I think). Both gentlemen are so positive and encouraging that I enjoy working with them and want to come back on my scheduled days and even more days (if my body could, I definitely would). You have a wonderful staff at the Marlton NJ location. And I have another thing to add, Kelly, the receptionist, she is very happy, approachable, and takes the information needed when you’re a new client. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. She makes you want to be there to start your journey.

– Faith B.

I was extremely happy with my experience at Breakthru. From my initial evaluation to my discharge, I felt like everyone at Breakthru had my best interest the entire way. I had excruciating pain in my elbow, and now I am back to my regular routine. Thank you Kelly, Alan, Tracy, and Brandon! I could not recommend Breakthru Marlton enough!

– Bill G.

The Breakthru facility in Marlton is top-notch. Every client is given an individual evaluation to determine what their needs are. During each session every client receives one-on-one attention from the therapists. The atmosphere is warm and friendly! I strongly recommend this facility to anyone that requires Physical Therapy!!!

– Brooks F.

I’ve been going to Breakthru since mid-October and it has been the best PT experience I’ve ever had. This is a staff of top-notch DPTs who exhibit all the qualities you want in a therapist. Their professional expertise includes the Schroth method as well as general PT. They, including the PT assistant and administrative staff, are compassionate, personable and always create a friendly atmosphere in which I feel totally comfortable.
Now that I’ve experienced Breakthru, they will be the very first PT and fitness resource I recommend.
They have certainly exceeded my expectations in every way!

– Elizabeth M.

Breakthru Physical Therapy goes beyond a five star recommendation. Brandon was extremely professional and knowledgeable. His initial exam was notably thorough, as he zeroed in on my knee issue. Part of such an experience is the approachability of the physical therapist and the ability to reach the patient. Brandon, Kelly and Adam are all warm and encouraging. Positive synergy. I would not go anywhere else. Home run recommendation.

– Caroline B.

Many thanks to the Breakthru Team at Marlton! I initially had hip pain from overuse but also developed pain down my leg. Brandon was a master at working with the different pain I had. If an exercise caused pain he worked with me to find another way to accomplish it pain free. Everyone on the team is upbeat and positive. Alan is also a good source of food, sports and music information which helps keep your mind occupied as you exercise. Thank you all for a great experience!

– Nancy C.

My experience at Breakthru was amazing. The staff are super nice. Everyone is friendly and caring. I went there with bad knees and upon completion my knees are stronger and walking better without any knee pains. I will recommend breakthrough physical therapy & fitness to anyone.

– Emma H.

I was told to try aqua therapy for persistent lower back pain. Other therapies caused more pain. I feel very fortunate to have discovered Breakthru therapy in Mt Laurel. I felt very comfortable right from the start. I worked with Jon Eaton, who is very personable and knowledgeable and truly wants you to succeed. I actually enjoyed it and stuck with it. The rest of the staff is also nice and worked with me and my schedule. I would highly recommend aqua therapy if other therapies haven’t helped. And I would highly recommend Breakthru physical therapy and fitness.

– Terri H.

My experience has been exceptional.The staff is so kind and professional.I appreciate the education and attention.

– Jamie T.

I cannot begin to express how great it is here. I had previously gone to several places over the years for therapy and I have benefited more in one week here than I did in years of other therapy places. From the moment I contacted the office I was greeted with the most pleasant people. When my doctor suggested I go to Breakthru Physical Therapy I was skeptical; as I had not had any previous positive experiences in my attempt to benefit from therapy. I’m in my 60s and I refuse to stop moving, but I thought “here I go again” and why? I have MS and bad arthritis so I thought I’ll go but I’m probably not staying. Well, I must tell everyone who reads this I am extremely excited to get my therapy here!!! I’m not only glad that my doctor suggested here but I have, as I said, benefited more in one week here than I have ever at any place in the wasted years I spent trying to find help. Besides the knowledge everyone has here, they are kind, friendly, caring and DEDICATED to see that ALL of their clients benefit from the care they receive here! No matter what you need they can help you here! I am very confident in their therapy and they also are concerned about YOU! It is much more than a job to everyone here!! I can’t wait to show my doctors the progress I’m making and look forward to getting stronger every day to keep my independence!

– Wendy S.

Our journey with physical therapy began several years ago when we were referred to Breakthru because they were known to have the most progressive techniques for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. Not only have we been exposed to basic movement techniques but also the other well know techniques such as LSVT Big, balance, biking and boxing. Also during this time period, we had to treat a broken hip and even after 8 weeks of intensive in residence therapy in a rehab center, did not get the results we hoped for but made the greatest progress in a very short period of time with Breakthru. Although Brandon has been the lead therapist in this case and we are very appreciative of his knowledge, experience, compassion and kindness, the entire staff all share the same qualities. We have now moved from the Voorhees area but the thought of continuing therapy closer to our new home is unthinkable. We continue to travel to Breakthru two times per week and it is well worth the trip. Our experience with Breakthru has been life changing!! Many thanks to the entire Staff!

– Joe M.

The best physical therapy place around. They helped me get back on track after a surgery and in the process helped me solve a 10 year issue/pain I was dealing with that a half dozen specialists couldn’t figure out. I will never go anywhere else. I have sent over a dozen people here since and all have had glowing reviews.

– Dave F.

This is an amazing physical therapy and fitness facility . The staff and doctors are very experienced and helpful. It is such a fun atmosphere and I am always greeted by a friendly face. All of the physical therapists have an outstanding bedside manner and are always eager to explain what they are doing and how it will help. I would highly recommend breakthru pt if you are looking to recover with some of the best doctors in the business!

– Deena D.

My experience at Breakthru in Voorhees has been nothing but positive! The staff is extremely professional, friendly and kind. It is obvious each staff member is passionate about what they do. Their main concern is how to best help their patients succeed!

– Maryanne G.

It is of no surprise that Breakthru Physical Therapy & Fitness has been named Best of South Jersey for 6 consecutive years. The entire staff is respectful, knowledgeable, and genuinely concerned for your well being. As a senior citizen who wants to remain physically active & fit, there have been times in the last 2 1/2 years where I have needed physical therapy for back, shoulder & foot issues. Dr. Brandon Fredhoff has & continues to provide me with the best most current physical therapy & fitness exercises for my age group. His Pt expertise & amazing interpersonal skills combine to make him a Top Doc for physical therapy & fitness in South Jersey. I would highly recommend him for any need in this area.

– Herm H.

I first came to Breakthru a few years ago for a knee injury and they were wonderful to work with, so when I got a muscle tear in my calf from tennis, I didn’t hesitate to go back. This time my pt was Jake. He was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable and explained everything to me. He always made sure I was comfortable with the exercises and not in pain. He even gave me exercise to incorporate into my tennis warmup. I highly recommend breakthru.

– Staci C.

The people there are genuinely nice. My first 2 weeks I didn’t think physical therapy was going to work for the long term pain I was experiencing. Sure enough I found myself feelings better and walking at my regular pase. Thanks to Jake and all other staff I accomplished my goal by walking around a five mile park. I speak very of the Voorhees office and recommend those who need the tender care of a good Physical Therapist to visit there office.

– Lawyrn R.

It’s all good. Tonight’s experience was the best so far. I walked to my car, got inside, fastened seatbelt with little or no discomfort. That’s a breakthrough. Staff is friendly & knowledgeable. I’m happy my healthcare provider recommended them.

– Connie G.

I cannot recommend them more highly. They should be the benchmark for PT services, as well as customer service, everywhere. The therapists are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, friendly and kind. Dr Kelsey is amazing. She had me at my baseline in no time, and always made sure I was ok throughout each exercise. The front desk, customer services and billing staff were just as kind, caring and professional as their clinical staff. You won’t regret using their services.

– Roxy

Very professional and knowledgeable. I had Kelsey work with me after 3 separate surgeries and she was extremely empathetic and professional. I highly recommend!

– Phyllis K.

I have been a patient at Breakthru and highly recommend it for physical therapy. Lance and the entire staff are very professional and really listen to a patient’s needs. No cookie cutter solutions here but a hands on specialized approach.

– Deena P.

10/10 would recommend Breakthru to anyone that needs PT!! All of the staff is so friendly, knowledgeable, and make you feel right at home. I see Dr. Nick and he is awesome! All of the therapists take their time with each patient and always explain the purpose of each exercise you are doing. They are sure to ask for feedback as well to make sure you feel okay and nothing is aggravating your symptoms. You can tell that they really do care about their patients and want to help them get well. Not to mention the facility is great too, even if you’re just looking for a place to work out. They have a ton of equipment and the personal trainers are very nice.

– Allison M.

Wonderful staff! I cannot say enough about this place from a PT and personal training stand point. Suck knowledgeable people working here who go above and beyond to help you. If you weren’t in a good mood walking in you definitely will be when you walk out. They have done and continue to do wonders for me!!

– Tyler C.

Wonderful staff! I cannot say enough about this place from a PT and personal training stand point. Suck knowledgeable people working here who go above and beyond to help you. If you weren’t in a good mood walking in you definitely will be when you walk out. They have done and continue to do wonders for me!!

– Lisa R.

Breakthru has been a very positive experience. The Physical Therapist treating me is knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, compassionate but also determined in order that I meet my therapy goals. The staff is welcoming, pleasant and very helpful.

– John A.

The Staff at breakthru is extremely dedicated to making your total experience a positive and helpful one! Their physical therapy program is outstanding. A tailored program is developed for you specifically addressing not only a plan to get you moving and feeling better as well as guidance on tackling any specific challenges you may face in your day to day routine! They have helped me regain strength and flexibility in my body that I thought was lost! The are simply the best – highly recommend them!

– Amy T.

As a retired Veteran who has endured multiple injuries over a span of 22 years, Dr. Kyle Hadden has been awsome and pin pointed something overlooked by so many! Just want to say thanks! I appreciate your hard work!

– Stephanie C.

An atmosphere that allows work and effort in your space, not crowded – helpful staff (my own trainer, Chris is very knowledgeable in what will help me – stay fit and continue my running). Time well spent.

– Al A.

Fantastic service and really helpful and caring personnel. I was impressed by pleasant atmosphere and the general assistance. My doctor offered me a very effective treatment and I really did feel significant improvement really soon. I followed all the prescriptions and now I feel great. Greatly thankful to all the staff, and I would definitely recommend this medical center to anyone who medic aid.

– Ann S.

If you are choosing a medical center, Medicure is the one I would recommend. Here you are offered medical treatment of a reliable quality, and a full range of services is offered by a team of professional doctors. Caring staff, new equipment and helpful therapy – definitely, this is a medical center of my choice!

– Monica H.

I highly recommend BREAKTHRU Physical Therapy for my patients.

– Dr. Roanna A.

Breakthru has helped me live a life, free of pain.

– Susan B.

BEST PT in South Jersey. They don’t stop until you are in the best possible place for your recovery. I will ONLY use them from here on in.

– Kim B.

I send all of my patients and family members to Breakthru. This staff is truly top notch.

– Michele G.

Breakthru has been instrumental in helping me manage back pain!

– Charles S.

Best PT experience I’ve ever had.

– Elizabeth M.

I have had multiple injuries from sports and have been through physical therapy at other clinics, and no other practice has compared to the treatment I have received at Breakthru.

– Maria P.

I was in good care from the very first visit.

– Jerry G.

Best physical therapy in Mt. LAUREL! Fun and great progress! Recommend 100%!!!

– Jean F.

Breakthru PT is remarkable! Their Vestibular Program has helped me tremendously!

– Sharon L.

Went to Breakthru with ankle pain that was limiting me from doing what I love; now I am back to my normal exercise routine. Highly recommend.

– Michele B.

I cannot thank them enough for all of the hard work they put in to get me back to 100%.

– Evan K.

They helped me to accomplish my goal for a full return to playing tennis!

– Lois S.

Breakthru Physical Therapy goes beyond a five star recommendation.

– Caroline B.

My 8 year old daughter is a competitive gymnast who had a grade 2 ACL tear and meniscus tear. Given her age, her surgeon said physical therapy was her only chance at coming back to gymnastics. Breakthru worked with her for 6 months and got her back to full gymnastics capability.

– Julie M.

Breakthru is great. They help make you whole again.

– Justin W.

A great place for healing your joint pains, knee pains, and back pain!

– Parimala A.

We were referred to Breakthru because they were known to have the most progressive techniques for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. Our experience with Breakthru has been life changing!!

– Joe M.

Pleasant people and very helpful for recovering from a sports injury.

– Cara C.

From my initial evaluation to my discharge, I felt like everyone at Breakthru had my best interest the entire way.

– Bill G.

The atmosphere is upbeat and welcoming. The facility is clean, pleasant, and relaxing even as so much healing is going on around you!

– Mary A.