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Wonderful physical therapists! Pay attention to each patient, giving personalized approach to care. Tailor the therapy to each patient’s individual needs, including my own, and offer encouragement and support to patients during all phases of the therapy. Highly recommend!!!!

Dr. Howard W. Advocare Marlton Pediatrics

Breakthru continues to deliver exceptional patient care. I am confident when my patients go to Breakthru for PT because I know their team is compassionate & dedicated to getting our patients better. I truly enjoy working with them.

Dr. Joshua S. Arthritis Rheumatic & Back Disease Associates

Breakthru Physical Therapy is my top choice for my patients. Whether the patient is young or old, sedentary or athletic, they give personalized care to each of my patients to help them achieve their goals, reduce pain, and improve mobility. The feedback from my patients is consistently excellent as well.

Dr. Jeffrey T., MD Lead Physician at Penn Medicine at Gibbsboro

BREAKTHRU takes the time to treat the whole patient while helping individuals understand their injury ultimately resulting in better outcomes.

Dr. Naomi B. MD Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Division of Orthopedic Surgery

I highly recommend BREAKTHRU Physical Therapy for my patients.

Dr. Roanna A. Alcera Family Medicine

“Best PT on the EAST coast!”

Dr. Arthur R. B 3B Orthopaedics at Jefferson Health

I send all of my patients and family members to Breakthru. This staff is truly top notch. Dan insisted on an X-ray for my son and diagnosed his scoliosis. I believe he saved him from a lifetime of back pain. He is a terrific clinician, communicator and role model. My other family members have seen other physical therapists there and they are equally professional. My patients rave about the care Breakthru provides.

Dr. Michele G. Advocare OBGYN Specialists

What impresses me the most about BREAKTHRU is the thorough assessment of each patient they see. Guaranteed, a patient going to BREAKTHRU will receive focused comprehensive care. There is never a cookie cutter approach. They understand that each patient’s problem is unique to that person, and they formulate a therapy and plan accordingly. The patient in return heals quickly and leaves with a true understanding of their injury as well as how to prevent it in the future. Without a doubt, complete “Wellness” is the goal at BREAKTHRU. It is a great reassurance to have a place that I can send patients and know that they will be cared for in an above and beyond manner.

Dr. Gregory N., DPM Linda Barney-St Martin & Associates

I firmly believe that an organization’s culture, responsibility, and performance starts at the top, so knowing and working with Lance and Jodi, the founders of BREAKTHRU over the past 10 years and knowing what excellent work they do with my patients comes as no surprise to me that each and every person that I refer has such good outcomes and so many positive things to say about their experiences.

Dr. Sheldon S., M.D. Arthritis, Rheumatic and Back Disease Associates

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