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At Breakthru Physical Therapy & Fitness in New Jersey, our licensed physical therapists strive to deliver efficient and research-backed solutions to patients affected by conditions impacting their bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and skin.

Using both hands-on therapy and a variety of specialized modalities and programs, our highly trained physical therapists provide care for orthopedic and sports injuries based on the current best evidence and use state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment to help our patients achieve a rapid recover.

At Breakthru Physical Therapy & Fitness, patient care is our top priority. Our physical therapists and their assistants excel in designing treatment plans to make each patient’s visit specific to their needs.

From spinal dysfunction, orthopedic extremity disorders, head-related injuries, musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, and back pain to post-operative rehabilitation, our team is trained to treat our patients with the best care.

What to Expect

Stiffness and pain from injury, surgery, medical conditions, and age can affect how your body moves. When this happens, physical therapy helps you restore your strength, endurance, posture, and movement with exercises and other tools.

We work to immediately reduce swelling and eliminate pain and then proceed to help with the healing and rehabilitation process. Physical therapy can help you successfully return to the activities you enjoy in daily life.

Our Approach to Physical Therapy

At Breakthru Physical Therapy & Fitness, we help patients of all ages, from children to seniors. Whatever your age, we want to help you return to your independent, active lifestyle.

We have multiple physical therapy locations across New Jersey that focus on treating the whole patient—mind, body, and spirit. For your injury, illness, or disease, we’ll address the following:

  • Prevention
  • Evaluation
  • Treatment
  • Rehabilitation

Our physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists will perform a variety of assessments to understand the symptoms you are experiencing and, just as importantly, design a personal treatment plan to help you regain function and independence. This plan will be created with input from you, your physical therapist, and your doctor.

By intervening early with physical therapy, you can steer clear of unnecessary medication, surgical procedures, or extensive imaging examinations, including X-Rays, MRIs, and CT scans. If you need a specialist at any time, we will refer you to an appropriate healthcare provider. This guarantees that you will receive top-notch care from the very start.

Physical Therapy Services:

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