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The Lee Silverman Voice Technique (LSVT) is a proven therapy that helps patients with Parkinson’s Disease, a neurological condition that affects nerve cells in the brain responsible for body movement. As Parkinson’s Disease progresses, patients start to lose their ability to walk, talk, and perform daily activities. The LSVT BIG program has documented improvements of faster walking and bigger steps, better balance, increased trunk rotation, and improvements in daily activities in those with Parkinson’s Disease.

How Does The LSVT BIG Program Work?

LSVT BIG uses a large amplitude training (also known as “Get Big!”) to elicit improved and healthy movement as a new normal for those with Parkinson’s Disease. The program utilizes a standard protocol delivered by our LSVT BIG-certified physical therapists.

The recommended treatment frequency for the program is 16 sessions over one month, each for one hour, or four sessions per week. There is also daily homework that is expected to be performed.

When Should I Start the LSVT BIG Program?

People with Parkinson’s Disease can participate in the LSVT BIG program at any time. Research suggests that the earlier a patient gets into the program, the more beneficial it can be. The exercise program can be modified to accommodate any level of physical ability.

If you have Parkinson’s Disease that is impairing your motor skills and want to learn more about the LSVT BIG treatments offered in one of our Breakthru Physical Therapy + Fitness clinics, or to schedule an appointment, please click here.

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