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In Cherry Hill, NJ, the issue of shoulder instability presents a significant challenge for athletes, active individuals, and everyday residents alike. Recognizing this, the skilled professionals at Breakthru Physical Therapy – Mount Laurel are committed to offering exceptional care tailored to the nuances of shoulder instability. Our approach is centered on restoring robust strength, enhancing mobility, and rebuilding the confidence of those affected. Let’s explore some underlying causes, common symptoms, and effective treatment strategies for shoulder instability to understand physical therapy’s role in successfully managing this condition.

What is Shoulder Instability?

Physical Therapy In Cherry Hill, NJShoulder instability occurs when the structures that surround the shoulder joint do not work to maintain the ball within its socket. This condition can result from an injury, overuse, or naturally loose ligaments. It often leads to discomfort, pain, and a feeling of the shoulder “giving way.”

A few common causes of shoulder instability include:

  • Traumatic Injury: Often seen in contact sports, a traumatic injury such as a shoulder dislocation can stretch or tear the ligaments, leading to instability.
  • Repetitive Strain: Athletes who engage in repetitive overhead activities, like swimmers or baseball pitchers, can gradually stretch their shoulder ligaments, resulting in instability.
  • Weakness of Rotator Cuff Muscles and Shoulder Muscles: If the muscles around the shoulder, particularly the rotator cuff, are weak, they may not adequately support the joint, leading to instability.
  • Congenital Factors: Some people are born with more lax ligaments, making them more susceptible to shoulder instability.

Shoulder instability can manifest in various symptoms, including:

  • Pain and tenderness in the shoulder
  • A feeling that the shoulder may slip out of place
  • Weakness and inability to carry out specific movements
  • Repeated shoulder dislocations
  • A clicking or grinding noise when moving the shoulder
  • Swelling and bruising, especially after an injury

The Role of Physical Therapy in Managing Shoulder Instability

Physical therapy is a cornerstone in the treatment of shoulder instability. At Breakthru Physical Therapy, our approach includes:

  • Initial Assessment: A thorough evaluation to understand the extent of instability, range of motion, strength, and functional limitations.
  • Pain Management: Techniques like cold or heat therapy, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound to manage pain and inflammation.
  • Strengthening Exercises: Focused exercises to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder, especially the rotator cuff and scapular stabilizers, are crucial in supporting the joint.
  • Range of Motion Exercises: These exercises help maintain and improve the flexibility of the shoulder joint.
  • Proprioceptive Training: Enhancing the sense of joint position to improve stability and coordination.
  • Education and Lifestyle Modification: Advice on activity modification, posture correction, and ergonomic adjustments to prevent further injury and manage symptoms.

At Breakthru Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on our patient-centered approach. Our highly skilled therapists stay updated with the latest research and techniques in shoulder rehabilitation. We are committed to helping our patients return to their normal activities safely and effectively.

Let’s Work Together!

Shoulder instability can be challenging, but it is manageable with the proper care. At Breakthru Physical Therapy in Cherry Hill, NJ, our team is equipped to provide comprehensive care to address shoulder instability. From initial assessment to the final stages of rehabilitation, we are here to guide you through each step of your recovery journey. Contact us at 856.249.2337 or schedule an appointment online to begin your path to a stable, strong, and healthy shoulder.

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