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Our focus at Breakthru PT + Fitness in Marlton is to provide an individualized plan of care that helps you reach your goals as quickly as possible. Our team at Marlton comprises highly trained and experienced professionals who offer specialized treatment services for any pain, injury, or discomfort you may be feeling.


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525 Rt 73 South Suite 303A
Marlton, NJ 08053

Meet Your Director

Jake Fahringer PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: Exercise, Blogging about the Flyers

Dr. Jake Fahringer has had clinical experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings, with the majority of his experience coming in orthopedic outpatient settings.

He has treated a variety of conditions along the continuum of care, ranging from chronic low back pain to post-operative care and traumatic sports-related injuries.

With a background as a certified personal trainer, Jake is a strong believer in using an evidence-based approach to making the transition from physical therapy to a fit and healthy lifestyle, an approach that perfectly coincides with our Breakthru model.

Jake has plans to work towards becoming an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) as well as a Sports Certified Specialist (SCS) in order to further expand his knowledge base and expertise.


  • South College 2017, Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • University of Pittsburgh 2013, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Born: Denver, CO

Now lives: Northfield, NJ

Tip: Ask Jake about his “ace”!

Jake’s Favorite & FUN Facts:

  • Place: on the tennis court
  • Restaurant: Maurizio’s Pizzeria & Italian
  • Food: Pizza
  • Vacation: Caribbean cruise
  • City: Philadelphia
  • TV show: The Office
  • Film: Moneyball
  • Singer/Group: Black Stone Cherry
  • Celebrity: Kevin Hart
  • Book: The Myron Bolitar Series by Harlan Coben
  • Sports: Hockey and Tennis
  • Team: All Philadelphia Sports teams

Marlton - Patient Reviews

William Stallfort
16:55 11 Sep 23
Jake was awesome. Had my doubts but left feeling awesome. That’s Jake.
Kendra Palermo
18:44 29 Aug 23
I was referred to Breakthru by my podiatrist after a painful plantar fasciitis diagnosis. Scheduling was so easy, and I got an appointment right away. Dr. Jake was great to work with! He put a program together that got me back on my feet in no time!! Personal, professional, and knowledgeable..highly recommend Dr. Jake in Marlton!!
Gary Woods
09:26 12 Jul 23
Chose this place hoping for a more aggressive pt to allow me to rehab based on my employment. Jake did not disappoint! Professional, knowledgeable, friendly... couldn't have chosen a better place to get back on my game!
John Garofalo
13:55 25 Jun 23
Jake and his team are fantastic. I had knee replacement surgery. When I came into Breakthru I could only use a walker After 12 weeks everyone tells me how well I am walking.He is patient and highly knowledgeable about your condition and recovery. He ensures that you have the strength and flexibility to significantly increase your quality of life.I strongly try recommend Breakthru PT.
Edward Emrich
15:25 15 May 23
Jake and his team at the Marlton location are true professionals. Very dedicated in the full recovery of their patients.
Zach Heyman
19:54 18 Apr 23
Amazing experience. Had really bad shoulder pain that mutliple doctors could not figure out. Jake was great and made sure to work my shoulder [just the right amount] to where i am now pain free. He was able to give me ideas for why it happened and a plan going foward to prevent it from happening again. Would definitely go back if physical therapy is ever needed [i hope it isn't though]!
Mare V
15:41 27 Mar 23
I am so grateful I did research before choosing a PT location. I chose BT and met with Dr Jake who is very compassionate and caring of you needs and pains and checks up on you if your in a solo exercise. Very understanding of the aches and purpose of being there. I’m thankful for Dr Jake and the staff at the Marlton location.
Donna Prehn
16:15 12 Mar 23
I strongly recommend Breakthru Marlton PT! Regardless of your reasons for seeking physical therapy, the team in Marlton will work diligently to help you reach your goals. Jake, DPT, is extremely knowledgeable and unfailingly kind and I would not have achieved such improvement in balance, walking, ADLs and strength without It is a small location with a family feel. I highly recommend them.
Patricia Jean Shaw
02:24 11 Feb 23
Tim has been amazing during my recovery. I have been a patient for over 3 months and actually had to have to foot and shoulder PT….yay me! But I could not have asked for a more skilled and passionate therapist. Tim took the time to listen and understand my needs and was very thorough. There were times were I was so discouraged from my pain and he made me feel at ease and gave me hope. He’s fun energetic and outgoing, he definitely loves what he does because it illuminates the room whenever I’m there. He remembers every patient and makes it a point to know the person. I never felt like a number and I can’t say enough great things about Tim and Breakthru. Thank you for your kindness and compassion, and commitment to my wellness!
Melissa Seshens
23:36 08 Feb 23
I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and it had me sidelined from running through the holidays. I had a wonderful experience at Breakthru with Jake and his student Madison! They were both so nice and easy to talk to and work with! Jake tailored my exercises and stretches to my needs and abilities. He listened to me when I had any pain or issues and adjusted my routine. As I was improving, Jake and Madison certainly threw challenges my way and I enjoyed testing the waters to see if my heel pain would return. I’m happy to report I am back to running and have been pain free since I finished! I love my strength exercises and stretches so much, I can totally see incorporating them into my usual workouts for years to come.
Michael Corey
18:06 21 Oct 22
Jake and the staff were very friendly and helpful to me for a good month and a half while I worked through my foot pain. They treated and gave me exercises to work on and to help my problem. Very knowledgeable and answered a lot of my questions.
S. Silver
01:46 20 Oct 22
I have just completed my therapy for a frozen shoulder. Dr. Jon Eaton was very patient and kind with me, as were the other therapists. I thought my condition would never improve but he encouraged me to persevere. He gave me exercises to do at home too. At times I was discouraged because of the pain, but with his encouragement and appropriate exercises my condition has greatly improved. I will miss going there! From Diane Silver
kathy king
02:22 08 Sep 22
Great staff….welcoming & relaxed atmosphere. Dr Jake is top notch
Carol Spadea
13:04 04 Aug 22
I have been getting physical therapy by Jake about 5 months now. He has been very patient and encouraging with Physical therapy on my neck and spine. Jake is very knowledgeable and helpful when I need resources of any kind. Jake is very compassionate as he works very hard taking a personal interest in all his patients physical and emotional well being!Thank you Jake for all your kind and caring help during my Physical therapy!I know your patients appreciate you!I sure do!
Tade Adeniran
19:49 02 Aug 22
It’s been fun, very remote not a lot of people. 🤩
Thomas Provencher
16:46 17 Jun 22
Breakthru Physical Therapy is simply fantastic. Their staff is courteous and they conduct themselves professionally while providing a very friendly atmosphere for the patient. Specific to my experience, Dr. Kristen Ramos is extremely knowledgeable and possesses the skills vital to developing and maintaining a plan for your journey to recovery (shoulder in my case). She is very supportive and an awesome motivator. In all, my experience was very positive and I would recommend Breakthru to anyone in need of physical therapy.
Ilya V
20:54 14 Jun 22
I have been going to Breakthrough therapy Marlton over the past 2 years, and I have had nothing but wonderful experience and results. In the past, Matthew and Brandon worked with me. And the past 4-5 months I have had the pleasure of being cared for by Dr. Jake Fahringer. Professional, even tempered, competent and friendly, somehow he managed to carry the whole load of patience all by himself, during the transitional period. I think it is very clear, when a person cares for his patients, when he tries new approaches, and ultimately succeeds at helping resolve a problem. I would highly recommend Jake, who addressed several of my issues and helped eliminate the pain and discomfort in my back, and foot.
Chandreyi Das-Chowdhury
18:42 20 Oct 21
There's a reason that Breakthru is rated five stars! They are truly the best. I've been attending Breakththru for a few years and can truly attest to how incredible they are working with patients and creating customized treatment plans. The first time I visited there was in 2015 when I was struggling with sciatica and could barely get out of bed, let alone walk without pain. From my initial consult to completing my therapy, the therapists have been phenomenal. I've gone back since, even when I was pregnant and they always have been super helpful. I've worked with Nick N. each time but every single therapist is invaluable. If you are struggling with pain and feel nothing else has worked, Breakthru is the solution!
Teresa Stoeckle
18:17 29 Sep 21
I had a great experience with Brandon! He listened and was able to address all of my needs. I left feeling strong and confident.
Jim Cleary
14:25 24 Aug 21
Chloe worked miracles on my back. I have had back problems my whole adult life and have done PT at many places over the past 40 years. Its nice to find a place where the therapist is knowledgeable, personable, and knows her stuff. Will recommend Breakthru PT to anyone who needs it
Hollie Donnon
18:04 03 Aug 21
I had both of my knees replaced, 3 months apart and completed my physical therapy here with Nick and had a great experience. He helped set the right expectations and helped me set goals for my recovery. I was not an easy patient with pre-surgery extension on my right knee at -40 degrees and my left at -16. Recovery was extra hard because of 15 years of muscle memory and having to learn how to walk properly again but Nick pushed me through and I am better than I have been in 20 years! I highly recommend the team at Breakthru
Carol Ann Welsh
22:59 28 Jul 21
BREAKTHRU is absolutely the BEST place to go if you need Physical Therapy! The physical therapists truly have great credentials & their knowledge of all types of conditions is so impressive. Before BreakThru, I've never been able to have a conversation about my disease,, what is going on & why, as well as what to do to improve it, how to do it properly & what results I can accomplish by working it. This gives me hope for the future!My main condition is Scoliosis. Through the yearsthe deformity of my spine has progressed & I now have severe spinal cuvature-60° along with a twist of the spine. My Doctor of Physical Therapy is Brandon & he as well as some other Physical Therapists at BreakThru are certified in Schroth PT. Schroth PT was created & designed by a woman Doctor in Germany during the late 1800's. She had been diagnosed with Scoliosis so she designed & created Schroth PT. She accumulated quite a following & even to this day it is practiced in Europe. However, it has finally been recognized in the US within the last decade. Try locating a facility who has heard of Schroth PT let alone offer it , and you find it very . difficultBreakThru is one of the leaders here with certified Scroth PT as well as all other physical therapies created for all other types of disabilities. Thank you, BreakThru for having this PT available for Scoliosis patients, too! You give us hope where we had none before.I've spoken to several other clients of BreakThru who suffer from other challenging disabilities & they swear by their Physical Therapists here at BreakThru. They all have positive things to say about the amazing care they receive here & their BreakThru Physical Therapists really do care about their ability to make improvements in their lives. THANK YOU BREAKTHRU... Carol Welsh
Leonard Berman
16:37 26 Jul 21
Open, friendly, and caring people who know what they are doing. Who can ask for more from a PT professional.Len Berman
Carly Greenblatt
19:53 15 Jul 21
Nick is AWESOME! I have been to breakthru for my knee two years ago and knew exactly where I needed to go after I hurt my back. Breakthru staff is seriously the best and really care about your treatment plan. I recommend this location to everyone I know because it’s that great.
Sheldon Oxenberg
19:22 24 Jun 21
I am a believer in PT and Breakthru Marlton! My wife and I have had great success with various issues including Trigger Thumb and back pain. Brandon is excellent, very knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and he resolves your issues. Recently he treated me for Trigger Thumb which I felt would never go away and I would be living with it forever, but PT and Breakthru and Brandon fixed it! Yeaaaaa. I highly recommend Breakthru to help you and fix any of your issues. Thank you Brandon! 👍
Debra Thomson
15:46 17 Jun 21
Excellent facility! Staff is caring, creative, motivating and professional!When I first started therapy I could barely make it up the stairs, now, I can run up stairs with no problem!Would recommend the Marlton office to everyone!
Steve Markus
13:59 08 Jun 21
It's been a few months since I wrote this review and I needed to add to it. Kudos to Brandon, who took me from disabled back to normal. I discontinued PT, being fully recovered a few weeks back, but then I developed tingling in my left fingers and went to see Brandon yesterday. His differential diagnosis pinned things down to a problem with my ulnar nerve in my cervical spine and gave me exercises to do. The tingling is 85% better already.
Ronald Carnemolla
13:55 20 Apr 21
Breakthru, its in the name. Brandon & team formed a personalized plan to help me 'Break Thru' the temp mandibular joint (TMJ) & muscle issues I was having. World class team with great experience and skill. It is without hesitation that I would recommend to friends, family & beyond. Stay well.
Emma Standring
18:35 09 Apr 21
I’ve had a great experience at Breakthru with TMJ therapy. There are not many places that provide this therapy and I did not realize how much it would help. The staff is very welcoming, friendly, and supportive. I would definitely recommend Breakthru!
Gina Marris
15:45 18 Nov 20
The staff are very friendly.My Therapist, Brandon explains the exercises and the benefits for each one. Printed pictures of each exercise to use at home. He is very patient, kind and knowledgeable and I am so pleased with the improvement of the use of my arm in such a short time. Highly recommend Breakthru😁
Elaine Stein
16:21 06 Nov 20
Breakthru Physical Therapy is a very professional, warm and friendly environment to receive a hands-on approach to getting well. My personal experience with Brandon, the physical therapist and Alan, the physical therapy aide has been very motivating in allowing me to feel better and become more productive in my daily routine. Various therapeutic modalities are used in this environment to increase my strength, desire to work hard and get better. I recommend Breakthru Physical Therapy to anyone that wants to increase their mobility and quality of life.I’m currently a patient at Breakthru Physical Therapy & Fitness and I just began personal training with Alan and I’m enjoying my experience so much. I look forward to waking up and going twice a week! His training sessions inspire me and keep me motivated to keep coming back. My endurance has already started to increase and allows me to be more independent in my daily routine.
Andrew Tabatabaei
14:15 02 Nov 20
Brandon at Breakthru was able to help me recover from shoulder surgery with challenging but always enjoyable sessions, while constantly making sure I was getting the best care. He truly cares about his patients and looks for creative ways to make them meet their goals. The whole team at Breakthru Marlton is awesome!
William Dorman
15:33 27 Oct 20
Brandon was my PT and he is one of the best at Breakthru . He is highly skilled and personable making my PT highly effective and enjoyable. Ask for Brandon if you want the best!
Joe Bilson
01:10 21 Oct 20
The staff is amazing ! Every time I go in for therapy I feel welcomed ! Highly recommend going if you need PT!
Diane Pliner
18:45 17 Sep 20
The staff at Breakthru Physical Therapy of Marlton will help you after an injury, accident, or if you're just having muscle or joint discomfort. They listen, are very professional, caring, and kind. I only have had positive experiences there and would recommend Breakthru Physical Therapy to anyone looking for relief from pain and discomfort.
Madeline Almand
14:30 14 Sep 20
I see Alan for personal training and he's the best! He's patient, encouraging, and works woth my schedule! I have noticeable improvements within my strength and physique from his help.
Deanna Whiton
21:49 09 Sep 20
My personal trainer Alan Cavalieri did a wonderful job helping me get back into fitness. He was kind, supportive, and very flexible! Would highly recommend him to all my friends and family!
Tania Sokoloff
21:57 26 Aug 20
We have been very pleased with the care and concern with the therapy we have received at Breakthru and with Dr. Nolan.
Sean Lajoie
22:00 23 Aug 20
very knowledgeable and personable group that works closely with clients to understand their needs and accelerate a full recovery.
Nancy Oliver
21:43 22 Aug 20
The receptionist Tracy was very pleasant when I called for my first appointment and I met with my therapist Emily and she was very attentive listening to what brought me to PT and her knowledge when she spoke with me of a plan gave me the confidence that I can get to my goals and this motivated me. She is a very good listener and she is always caring. I observed that everyone works well together and they all make the therapy session a very pleasant time.They are very professional with each other and with their patients. I’m very pleased that I chose Breakthru Physical Therapy.
Mike Price
18:49 18 Mar 20
Brandon is great
Nancy Candy
16:47 18 Mar 20
Many thanks to the Breakthru Team at Marlton! I initially had hip pain from overuse but also developed pain down my leg. Brandon was a master at working with the different pain I had. If an exercise caused pain he worked with me to find another way to accomplish it pain free. Everyone on the team is upbeat and positive. Alan is also a good source of food, sports and music information which helps keep your mind occupied as you exercise. Thank you all for a great experience!
Kimberly Suydam
17:40 09 Feb 20
BEST PT in South Jersey. Brandon and his team are amazing.Allen, Kelly,Tracey and Emily are ALL the best.They don't stop until you are in the best possible place for your recovery.It is easy to get appointments and they are VERY accommodating to your schedule. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone.i will ONLY use them from here on in.Kim BonetskiKnknowThey
Elizabeth Mangino
22:47 09 Jan 20
I've been going to Breakthru since mid-October and it has been the best PT experience I've ever had. This is a staff of top-notch DPTs who exhibit all the qualities you want in a therapist. Their professional expertise includes the Schroth method as well as general PT. They, including the PT assistant and administrative staff, are compassionate, personable and always create a friendly atmosphere in which I feel totally comfortable.Now that I've experienced Breakthru, they will be the very first PT and fitness resource I recommend.They have certainly exceeded my expectations in every way!
Mike Williams
12:07 29 Nov 19
Branden and his team are very professional and knowledgeable, they are focused on what is best for you!
Caroline Brown
00:46 20 Nov 19
Breakthru Physical Therapy goes beyond a five star recommendation. Brandon was extremely professional and knowledgeable. His initial exam was notably thorough, as he zeroed in on my knee issue. Part of such an experience is the approachability of the physical therapist and the ability to reach the patient. Brandon, Kelly and Adam are all warm and encouraging. Positive synergy. I would not go anywhere else. Home run recommendation.
Parimala Arun Kumar
03:35 23 Oct 19
A great place for healing your joint pains, knee pains and back pains, etc.
Michele Snyder
11:22 07 Oct 19
Brandon and everyone at Breakthru Marlton were AMAZING! My son received the best care. I would not go anywhere else!
Bill Gibison
23:14 16 Sep 19
I was extremely happy with my experience at Breakthru. From my initial evaluation to my discharge, I felt like everyone at Breakthru had my best interest the entire way. I had excruciating pain in my elbow, and now I am back to my regular routine. Thank you Kelly, Alan, Tracy, and Brandon! I could not recommend Breakthru Marlton enough!
Annette Page
23:50 15 Sep 19
I highly recommend the Breakthru office in Marlton. Everyone on the staff is helpful and welcoming. Dr. Brandon Fredhoff takes the time to listen and adjusts therapy when needed. I’ve had great success with his help.
Barbara Bosch
15:26 13 Sep 19
My therapist Brandon is wonderful. He knows exactly what to do . I also want to thank Allen and rest of their awsome team.. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you to Brandon and his team.
Eileen Mckenna
02:10 11 Sep 19
Brandon and Alan made my experience rehabbing my back a challenging but rewarding oneEveryone at the Marlton office was great
Fairbanks Brooks
04:39 20 Aug 19
The Breakthru facility in Marlton is top-notch. Every client is given an individual evaluation to determine what their needs are. During each session every client receives one-on-one attention from the therapists. The atmosphere is warm and friendly! I strongly recommend this facility to anyone that requires Physical Therapy!!!
Thad Fidura
14:08 24 Jul 19
The care and professionalism here is top notch. I worked with Brandon on a back injury and he provided the rehab I needed. I'll be coming back here if I ever need PT again. Highly recommended!
Deepak Kumar
01:11 02 Jul 19
I have been coming to Breakthru in Voorhees to see Dr. Brandon Fredhoff for almost 1 year now for various injuries. In healthcare today it is rare to find quality/personalized attention where you feel like your provider is genuinely invested in your progress. Breakthru has distinguished itself in this area.Brandon possesses the unique combination of technical knowledge and people skills. He has a tremendous understanding of physical therapy and the way the body works. He holds high standards for his field and continues to stay current by attending conferences/certification trainings and reading the latest scientific literature. Brandon is also well-informed on weight training, proper form, and injury prevention for those that are interested. It is refreshing to be under the care of someone who takes their job seriously and holds themselves accountable to performing at a high level.In addition to his technical knowledge, he provides an incredible amount of care and attention. I've found that simply knowing what exercises to do is not enough. You also need motivation and encouragement from your physical therapist to stay energized and consistent. I like to understand as much about my condition as possible and Brandon has been fantastic with his level of patience in answering all of my questions. Brandon sincerely wants to see me get better, as evidenced when he once told me that the goal is to have me stop coming to physical therapy – this was nice to hear as it showed that we were being efficient with our use of time/money. Brandon has been easy to trust, compassionate, amiable, and knowledgeable. All of these traits are invaluable, especially on those days when it seemed like things weren’t going to get better. The personalized attention has been a key reason for my improvements. I’ve already recommended him to many of my friends/family and will continue to do so. I would not go to anyone else for current or future problems.In terms of atmosphere, Breakthru is very welcoming and clean. We are able to use the facility/equipment for our PT exercises anytime outside of our scheduled visits, which has been a big plus. It’s a great atmosphere with an overall good vibe. You have nothing to lose by going in for a free consultation and experiencing it for yourself.- Deepak
Ashley Chackman
00:07 25 Jun 19
I came to Breakthru after a corrective ankle surgery and can say that they have set a totally different bar for physical therapy. The team at Breakthru makes you feel like family and makes what should be a grueling activity a lot more pleasant. I had an unpleasant experience at my PT office and was a little afraid about starting PT again. They listen to you and don't push beyond the limits. Everyone at Breakthru is doing a great job!
Judy Cole
13:03 05 Jun 19
Very positive experience working with Brandon Fredhoff in Marlton beginning with a thorough eval and a customized program for me all the way through. Brandon is a dedicated and caring professional committed to a positive outcome for his clients. Highly recommend Brandon and his staff!
Faith Bass
11:41 31 May 19
The physical therapists there are wonderful. Brandon and Alan have been working with me from day one. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and I'm sure for them, working with me isn't easy (at least that's what I think). Both gentlemen are so positive and encouraging that I enjoy working with them and want to come back on my scheduled days and even more days (if my body could, I definitely would).You have a wonderful staff at the Marlton NJ location. And I have another thing to add, Kelly, the receptionist, she is very happy, approachable, and takes the information needed when you're a new client. I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. She makes you want to be there to start your journey.
Hermann Hoffmann
13:29 01 May 19
The entire staff of Doctors & aides at Breakthru in Marlton as well asVoorhees are by far the absolute best team for physical therapy & fitnessthat my wife & I have ever encountered. Dr. Brandon Fredhoff trulyunderstands the wholeness & uniqueness of each patient. His genuinepositive caring attitude and treatment have enabled me to overcome many physical ailments and stay fit. Breakthru's "Best of South Jersey" award for six consecutive years is well deserved.
Jennifer Bradfield
10:26 30 Apr 19
Best physical therapy experience.... my ankle feels great thanks to Brandon and Allen. I would highly recommend Breakthru Physical Therapy and Fitness
Rhonda Beckett
02:44 16 Mar 19
I am very grateful for the care and professionalism that I received during PT. Brandon was very thorough and provided detailed information regarding the process for recovery and my progress. I highly recommend Breakthru Physical Therapy in Marlton. I was more than pleased with my therapist Brandon Fredhoff.
Michael Sargent
19:26 11 Mar 19
I've been going to Breakthru physical therapy for 2 and a half years for maintenance therapy, in that time my mobility has greatly improved! I'm in a wheelchair so my mobility is limited. Doctor Brandon Fredhoff is awesome! The staff is very professional and well educated in the profession, they're also a lot of fun making your therapy session a more enjoyable experience. They also care about their patient safety. Once I was on a table weighed down with sand bags and under normal conditions it would take about 2 minutes to get off the table, on this particular day there was a fire in the office next door and we were told to evacuate the building and I was off the mat and in the wheelchair and outside in 45 seconds with their help! I highly recommend Breakthru to achieve all your physical needs and goals, so I will be here for a long time to come!
Howard Waxman
14:00 04 Mar 19
Wonderful physical therapists! Pay attention to each patient, giving personalized approach to care. Tailor the therapy to each patient's individual needs, including my own, and offer encouragement and support to patients during all phases of the therapy. Highly recommend!!!!
Kevin Krieger
22:45 16 Feb 19
This is my second stint with Breakthru (shoulder issue first time & currently rehabbing ACL reconstruction) & the reason I found my way to this location is because I followed Brandon. He is a top rate Physical Therapist who is very knowledgeable & does an excellent job explaining the methodology & science behind his work. He is constantly expanding his skill set & is at the cutting edge of the latest techniques of the PT & medical field. I would recommend Brandon to anyone seeking pain relief or if rehabbing from surgery or a sports related injury.On top of that, Brandon, his assistant Alan & the rest of the staff @ BT Marlton make you feel like family. Whether it’s talking shop about sports, movies (Alan needs more solid reco’s), music or food - it’s always a good time at Breakthru Marlton.
Luis Melendez
15:59 14 Jan 19
This place ROCKS!!!🤘🤙
Hana Stein
02:26 14 Jan 19
Breakthru Physical Therapy, Marlton NJ location, has been a Godsend for my physical therapy needs due to a motor vehicle accident. The healing process would be much more difficult had I not been in the very capable hands of the fabulous team in this office. Presently, Brandon is my physical therapist. Brandon is so knowledgable and extremely passionate about his patients' health and wellness. Even more important, Brandon is approachable and friendly. He takes his time to explain the process and is very attentive. Alan, the physical therapy assistant, along with Tina and Tracey, support staff, round out this recipe for success. I highly recommend the Marlton Breakthru office for all of your physical therapy needs.
Peggy Weir
20:13 10 Dec 18
i could barely walk when i came here six month ago. i doing great now thanks to lance and his staff..
Joe Sakach
15:43 07 Nov 18
I had a great experince at Breakthru ... over the course of 6 weeks I was able to eliminate the pain I was having in my shoulder!!! Zach was excellent to work with and always provided me with feedback on how I was doing on the various exercises and explained how everything I was doing would benefit my particular issues. Would highly recommend to anyone
Allen Block
14:19 05 Nov 18
Worked with Zach. He was very professional and knowledgeable. In a short time he had me back at near full strength and pain free. Excellent program.
Gary Steel
21:54 04 Oct 18
My choice physical therapist!
Heather Hyon
13:38 28 Sep 18
I came to Breakthru upon recommendation for a persistent knee injury and I am so thrilled to say that in just a short period of time, I've seen and felt so much progress! All thanks to Zach and the Breakthru team for their physical therapy plan, patience and professionalism! I highly highly recommend physical therapy for those seeking to rehab injuries new or old. You won't regret it!
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