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The team at Breakthru PT + Fitness in Voorhees is ready to provide a fun and encouraging environment for rehabilitation. Whether you are an injured weekend warrior, a competitive athlete, or need help returning to daily tasks, our knowledgeable team will work hard to help you achieve your goals.


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701 Cooper Road Suite 12
Voorhees, NJ 08043

Meet Your Director

Jonathan Eaton PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: Landscaping, Soccer, hiking/camping

Jon graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Liberty University in May 2013. Here he became certified as an Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, working with the general population.

After graduating, he went on to follow his passion in pursuing his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, ultimately graduating in May 2016.

Jon first was introduced to Breakthru Physical Therapy and Fitness during his last clinical affiliation, where he refined his manual skills and developed a more “hands-on” approach to treatment. Due to his passion for therapy and dedication to providing the highest quality of care for his patients through evidence-based practice, Jon was offered a job at Breakthru.

He understands and embraces the idea that providing quality care requires staying up to date on evidence-based research and continuing to advance his knowledge and skill set.

Jon has worked with patients at every stage of rehabilitation and understands what it takes to get an individual back to their daily activities, whether it be sport or leisure.


  • Liberty University 2013, Exercise Science
  • Rutgers University 2016, Doctorate of Physical Therapy


  • Certified LSVT BIG Therapist for Parkinson’s

Born: Voorhees, NJ

Now lives: Washington Township, NJ

Tip: Motion is lotion! Get up and move!

Jon’s Favorite & FUN Facts:

  • Place: Some beach… somewhere
  • Restaurant: Fogo de Chao
  • Food: Ribeye- Medium rare!
  • Vacation: Caribbean
  • City: n/a
  • TV show: Scrubs, The Office
  • Film: Miracle
  • Singer/Group: Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown Band
  • Celebrity: n/a
  • Book: The Giver
  • Sports: Hockey, Soccer
  • Team: Philadelphia Flyers

Voorhees - Patient Reviews

Obligatory Traveler
15:38 28 Jul 23
Physical Therapy at Breakthru in Voorhees has been a fantastic experience. Michelle, Henry, Sarah and the rest of the staff are so friendly, encouraging, and all around amazing people. I've had a great time too getting to know and bonding with the other therapy attendees. It's felt like a big family. My mobility has improved, and my exercises are easy to implement at home. There's a big gym empty and waiting for someone to take it over at the Voorhees Town Center...Then Breakthru in Voorhees could add personal training....
Aggie Purcell
14:19 12 Jul 23
If you are in need of physical therapy, this is the place to go.I came to the Breakthru PT in Voorhees to alleviate the pain in my back and reduce numbness in my leg. I I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan, a fantastic physical therapist who was very helpful and knowledgeable. knowledgeable and focused on my desired outcome. He consistently provided encouraging attitude and gave me the hope and determination. I also like the way he pushes me and always enjoy getting to see him. The staff is friendly, helpful and extremely welcoming. Appointments are running on time, you are even encouraged to stay longer than expected, unlike in other PT facilities. If John is not available, all physiotherapists are well educated. And. I would go to any of them. Do Breakthru is a great choice for building habits that will be beneficial for years. This is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a professional who is reliable, attentive, and trustworthy.
Gina 2073
12:58 15 Jun 23
Jon and the staff were knowledgeable, friendly and really helpful! They listen to the patients’ needs & work with them to achieve great results! They are extremely thorough, have great communication, and provided amazing support and help to get my body feeling better, so I am able to live life without pain! Highly recommend!
Madhulika Agarwal
21:22 29 May 23
I had a great experience at Breakthru. The personalized exercise program was perfectly tailored and it helped me with my back and hip pain. Everyone at the facility is extremely nice and personable and the staff overall is fantastic. Jon taught me some really good exercises that I will continue to do on my own and both Sarah and Nicole encouraged me to work hard throughout my program. I have been recommending Breakthru to my friends who have also had similarly great experiences. Thank you so much for your help - I truly appreciate it!
James Sukovich
19:33 26 May 23
I was sent to Breakthru PT by my PCP to address a severe pain and lack of mobility in my left shoulder. My PT Doc, Dr. Jared DeVita not only determined the issue causing the pain and mobility issue, his personal care and attention to detail, and knowledge of the important parts of my shoulder anatomy, worked a great exercise and rehab regimen that has now returned me to 99%, as some of the underlying issue is arthritic and age related. Thanks to Dr. Jared and the great team at BTPT, I am back to full use of my arm, and my wife is happy I can fix our plumbing issues again!!! This is my go-to PT spot as I never learn, and will do something wrong again. Thanks Jared and team! You folks rock!
Richard Serata
11:56 25 May 23
Just completing 4 mos. of PT at Breakthru in Voorhees, I felt an obligation to share my phenomenal experience. From one who doesn’t usually write reviews and has never had a great experience with PT prior, I highly recommend my therapist, Jon Eaton at Breakthru and his fantastic team. Jon was everything you would want in a therapist; professional, knowledgeable, and caring. He pushed my limits without going too far which is what I needed to improve my motion. Jon did a great job listening each day and adjusted the therapy as needed; he is an excellent therapist and even more, a great person. In addition, the team at Breakthru is also wonderful. The front desk is very helpful and friendly, and Jon’s assistant was no different. Nobody likes cutting time into their schedule for therapy, but Jon and his team made my visits enjoyable. Thank you Jon and the Breakthru Team!
Valarie Costanzo
11:47 16 May 23
My experience w Jon at Breakthrough was extremely helpful to both my torn rotator cuff and a hip issue. His knowledge and expertise was evident in every session and I highly recommend Breakthrough at Voorhees for your PT needs.
Charlotte Artis
00:34 11 May 23
My therapy experience with Jon and Jared at the Voorhees Breakthru facility has been exceptional. I began 3 months ago with a knee injury and each week of treatment resulted in improved strength, flexibility and movement. All the staff are very professional, caring and dedicated but still foster a pleasant atmosphere to heal. I am very grateful that I selected this office for my physical therapy.
Lars Eriksson
14:53 25 Apr 23
John and Michelle are simply the best physiotherapist around! Ohh the RELIEF I get! I have chronic back and neck pain. I can't move out of bed unless I go here. John and Michelle have magic hands! I wasted time at Strive and Virtua physical therapy. Many years at Strive with no results only more pain. Now my pain can be controlled more going to breakthrough therapy Voorhees! Thank You.
Mare V
18:22 22 Apr 23
Dr Jake is great!! Very caring, knows the soft touch but gets the job done
Petros Hionas
15:26 14 Apr 23
This place is the best. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Jared is helping me customize a routine that works for my specific areas of pain which I can work on at home as well. All the staff looks like they are doing the same for there patients also. You can't ask for more thank you all
Steven Bockman
19:20 24 Mar 23
I just finished my therapy at the Voorhees Breakthru on Cooper Road. My therapist was Michelle. She listened to everything I had to say & put forth a great plan to help heal my knee. By the time I was finished, my knee felt 100% again. Michelle is a great therapist & even a better person. I was very fortunate to have her as my therapist.
Susan Tallmadge
14:59 08 Mar 23
I worked with Michelle for back issues last summer and recently went back to her for shoulder pain. She's the best, I highly recommend her and Breakthru Physical Therapy!
Christina Biondo
00:40 17 Feb 23
Amazing staff and treatment. The staff truly care about you as a person, not just another patient. Daniel and Jonathan got me out of extreme shoulder pain. I started as a patient in 2020 for my right shoulder and went right back this year when my left shoulder started. This time I plan to keep up with the "home work". :-)
Sunita Chakraborty
20:13 13 Dec 22
I was under Jonathan Eaton's care at Breakthrough Physical Therapy for 5 months after a shoulder replacement surgery. I am very happy and satisfied with the way he took care of me. Jonathan was very prompt and thorough with any questions or concerns I had and explained to me the importance of all the exercises in details and how it was going to help my shoulder. I am so lucky to have such a good facility right around the corner from where I live. I will recommend this place to anyone who needs to have physical therapy.
Alina Shevtsova
16:04 08 Dec 22
Breakthru therapy has been life changing! I came in with the constant ache and swelling and my ankle and saw significant improvements after completing the course - I was able to run and jump again. The best part of Breakthru was a client-centric approach and lot of personal attention to every client. This stood out from other facilities around. Shout out to my PTs: Chloe, Jon and Dan :)
Johnny Clark
01:37 23 Nov 22
My experience with the staff was excellent. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. Michelle D’Armi not only helped solve my foot pain and swelling, but she taught me exercises that I can now use at home. I want to continue strengthening my body along with losing weight, so I now have the tools to do so. Thank you so much to Michelle and all of the Voorhees staff!!
Christine Balducci
12:55 17 Nov 22
After having two surgeries within a year on the same ankle, I have been extremely hesitant to get back to normal activities. Searching for a facility that was open late was nearly impossible until I stumbled upon Breakthru in Voorhees. Little did I know it was going to be the best thing that happened to me.Jon and Dan are absolutely amazing. Not only are they kind, caring, and compassionate, they truly listen to everything you say and take it all into consideration. They formulate the best plan for you to be successful and genuinely care about your progress. I can honestly say that I wasn’t looking forward to going to physical therapy, but they made it enjoyable and celebrated every small victory with me. Thank you for taking such good care of me and making it a wonderful experience. You guys are keepers!
Kajal Mukherjee
10:58 15 Nov 22
Jon - You are the Best!!Both my wife Joy and I have been under the care of Jon Eaton for different issues and we both thank Jon for everything from explaining the theories behind each therapy to making sure that we do it right. It is such a pleasure to work with someone who is very caring and gives his best always with a pleasant smile .Joy and Kajal Mukherjee
Carol Boynton
14:50 21 Oct 22
Friendly staff, clean facility and a cheerful and welcoming environment. Dr Chloe did a thorough evaluation of my condition and lifestyle. She assessed my strengths and areas of concern and checked in with me at every visit to update my progress and make modifications. Dr Chloe listened closely and added exercises as I gained strength and confidence to challenge me during our sessions, very encouraging. Dr Chloe was flexible with my schedule and provided personalized attention during each visit. Breakthru came recommended to me by several people…and I’ve have a great experience and would recommend Breakthru to anyone in need of pain relief or rehab. I can’t say enough good things about the whole practice.
Barry Hill
16:39 20 Jun 22
Local treasure. Killer pizza.
Victor Musciano
23:45 12 Jun 22
Great experience, besides getting better I also have a plan of improvement. I was actively engaged at every meeting. The staff was courteous, understanding and took extra time to demonstrate any new movement. I can say each meeting was a positive experience, wish them continued success!
17:18 11 May 22
Very helpful
Doug Gibson
19:18 06 May 22
Great experience working with Asha and Michelle. Both were excellent at diagnosing myproblems, listening to my feedback and putting an exercise plan in place to resolve my chronic neck and shoulder problems.Thank you both.
Marcy Plye
11:32 29 Apr 22
The doctors and staff were knowledgeable, caring and personable. They helped make my PT experience a successful one. I highly recommend!
Violet Riquelme
22:18 11 Apr 22
I would recommend Breakthru PT to anybody who is in the recovery process from injury. The physical therapists work as a team and Dr. Jonathon Eaton was very encouraging throughout the entire process. I continue to see results and remain pain free as I progress through my spring track season. Equally as important to their success in healing pain is their welcoming atmosphere.
Trinity Bekete
21:07 11 Apr 22
Very friendly and professional staff. They are very flexible and willing to work with any obstacles that you may have. Very knowledgeable and go out of their way to help your recovery. Recommend this facility 100 percent!!!!
suzanne phillips
19:53 15 Feb 22
Jon is my therapist. He is great and is really empathetic. Always keeps you moving on course and constantly progressing even if you don't see it.
Robert Craft
01:04 02 Feb 22
Shoulder injury? Shoulder surgery recovery? If yes, i'm going to explain in detail, why Jake is the man to see. In addition to all the proper, formal credentials,Jake is also a shoulder injury, shoulder surgery survivor just like you. Consequently, when he says: "I feel your pain," or "I've been there," he truly means it.. After the preliminaries, i.e., the usual pages of questions, range of motion and strength measurements, etc, your therapy will begin. After the heat compress to warm up the shoulder, Jake then performs the best shoulder girdle loosening and range of motion massage to prepare your shoulder for the actual rehabilitation exercises and stretches. One can rely on Jake to be a careful, empathetic, hands-on therapist. Jake is also very helpful and creative in providing suggestions for home exercises and stretching for the days when one doesn't attend sessions at the office. One more item and then i'll close, if you start to miss sessions, Jake will reach out to you and find out why. Can't recommend Jake enough.
Bill Connell
21:09 18 Nov 21
Jake was great throughout my physical therapy for my shoulder injury. Knowledgable and friendly.
Jason Rosenberg
17:21 09 Nov 21
I would recommend Breakthru PT and Fitness to anybody what is in the recovery process. The physical therapists work as a team and I can't say enough about Dr. Jonathan Eaton. Breakthru has a wide range of hours to accommodate various schedules.
Kemi F
00:22 20 Oct 21
Dr Jake is an excellent doctor. He’s very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. My husband and daughter achieved great results after their physical therapy sessions with him and were very happy. He was very attentive to their needs and is an excellent therapist all round. Highly recommend breakthru physical therapy.
Bob Driscoll
18:11 27 Sep 21
Just wanted to add an update on my experience at Breakthru Voorhees location.It has been over 2 years since i started therapy there. In that time DR. JAKE FAHRINGER PT, DPTDOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY has helped me move first from a wheelchair to a walker and then from a walker to a cane.Eveey session starts with Jake asking about my current issues and progress or set back. He than taylors that days session to address those issues or progress. While he does push me to advance and progess. He also understands bad days and temporary set backs. His main mottos are "motion is loction" and "work to the discomfort not past or through it.I have progress enough so far that while i need a cane when out, i can navigate inside my home without the cane.I have multiple issues including 2 spinal surgeries one on my lumbar spine another on my cervical spine, along with neurological issues that complicate things even further. In all likelihood I am going to be a lifelong client of physical therapy because of my issues. The upside of that is that Jake and the entire team at breakthru are keeping me ahead of those issues and have me continuing to move forward.Jake also provides progress reports to my DRS. prior to my scheduled appointments.I would recommend ANY OF THE THERAPIST at breakthru to anyone who is in need of physical therapy now or in the future.
Yei Tien
22:13 09 Sep 21
Jon worked with me for last month to treat my left shoulder. He is very patient, knowledgeable to e plain to me how I could build my strength back. He encouraged me the things I could do myself at home to speedy my improvement. Highly recommended. Thanks.
Lara Wright
16:05 31 Aug 21
My son progressed greatly at Breakthru. He hit his personal goals very quickly and continued to get stronger and stronger. I think anyone that goes to breakthru in the future will 100% enjoy their time there
Arlene Borsky
19:30 27 Aug 21
My experience with Jake as my PT was excellentWould highly recommend Breakthru Physical
Michael Cohen
12:46 27 Aug 21
Fortunately or unfortunately I’ve used Breakthru twice at this location. The staff always warm, friendly and thorough. Though I worked with one primary PT (Jake) the other members worked as a team. My shoulder injury continues to heal and continues to get stronger. Thank you all for your assistance.
Gabriel Caruso
12:55 25 Aug 21
I came here dizzy from neck pain and within weeks John was able to completely rid me of that issue. The staff here are attentive to any issue you experience and what needs to be done to fix it. I’m grateful for the help I received and would highly recommend to anyone.
Meaghan Sullivan
02:16 20 Aug 21
Jon was great to work with! Felt improvements from day one of therapy. Scheduling was quick and easy. Jon was consistently encouraging and positive throughout sessions. Could tell he valued patients by listening to concerns and addressing them. Overall, very pleased with the professionalism and outcomes that I had while in therapy. Thank you for such a positive experience!
Ryan Nason
22:23 12 Aug 21
Breakthru did a tremendous job for me and got me right back on the golf course. Asha was outstanding and really is a tremendous PT. If you’re having any issues physically, Breakthru is highly recommended!
chris d
22:06 06 Aug 21
I worked with Jake over the summer because I had pain in my upper inner thigh area, and by the end of our sessions I felt a lot stronger. The experience was great! The facility is nice, the staff is friendly and professional. Jake gave me some exercises to do at home and a consistent routine to follow each session. He was attentive and checked in frequently to see if I had any issues with the exercises. At first I had some trouble performing the exercises, but by the end they became easier. I would definitely recommend Breakthru!
Karen Graham
22:09 05 Aug 21
Super pleased with my experience at Breakthru! My husband and I have come to this location for multiple injuries (back, neck, rotator cuff) over the years and the therapists are wonderful! Breakthru provides personalized care and the therapists are informed, knowledgeable, and very kind! They truly care about the success of your recovery ❤️‍🩹. I cannot imagine going anywhere else! Special kudos to Asha 🤗
Alan Ehrlich
17:20 28 Jul 21
I have been going to Breakthru 3 days a week for therapy of a broken femur and torn rotator cup. I do two day physical and one day aqua therapy.My main therapist is Asha who has really done a great job helping me recover bringing me a long way from where we started. When she's not ther I see John or Jake who are also excellent therapist. Abbey and Matt are my aqua therapist and both are excellent.I'm glad I chose Breahthru and would highly recommend them.
Robin Choy
23:21 14 Jul 21
Definitely effective. Ever since pandemic my working hour increased at home and I started to feel pain around my waist and legs. The pain and uncomfortableness disappear after several sessions and I notice the whole balance and stability get visually better. Jonathan provides considerable and effective training plan and Asha provides good suggestion.
Jason P
00:27 14 Jul 21
I came to this location of Breakthru on the recommendation of a family member after I was experiencing lower back pain. I saw Dr. Asha for over a month and have to say she was fantastic, caring, and attentive to my needs. I learned and performed a number of exercises that I feel confident to try on my own and no longer have the back pain. Being a patient here I felt very welcomed and listened to, and no session with Dr. Asha was alike, and she was more than open to changing the exercises and methods if my pain changed location. I am grateful for her and all of the staff's help in my recovery!
Daria Tavana
21:13 09 Jul 21
I have had the absolute best experience at Breakthru! My PT John has been extremely helpful and friendly throughout the entire 6-week process of my hamstring recovery. He was always there for me when I needed him, and he taught me soo many new things about my body along the way. Highly recommended!
Jodi Whitten
11:52 13 Jun 21
I have had nothing but positive experiences at Breakthru in VOORHEES, NJ. All of the therapists are friendly, caring, and extremely competent. The atmosphere is always welcoming. I have improved tremendously and I enjoy my experiences when I need to go. Thank you!!
Alex Karasek
19:55 11 Jun 21
My teenage daughter has been training with Robbie for a few months now and it has been a great experience! He is extremely knowledgeable and has been able to push her well beyond what she thought would be possible. He continually combines fast pace and positive energy in a way that always keeps her motivated to achieve more. We're glad we found Breakthru and look forward continued progress going forward.
Mary Butkus
22:33 02 Jun 21
Everyone at Breakthru was pleasant and able to answer my questions. My therapist, Jake explained every exercise I needed to do to improve my outcome with therapy
John Fiorella
01:47 19 May 21
Went to Breakthru for problems with lower back degenerative disc issues and resultant sciatic nerve pain and left leg weakness. After a surprisingly few visits I felt much better and had a substantial reduction in symptoms. My therapist was excellent in listening to my problems and providing stretching techniques and strengthening exercises. I have since been discharged and look forward to more activity and less pain.
Victoria Joubert
01:03 13 May 21
I’m very grateful for my experience at Breakthru Physical Therapy in Voorhees. Jon and Ryan are very patient and kind, thorough in explanations and demonstrations of exercises, and well prepared. They listen and adjust well to my injury recovery needs, and know when to challenge me a bit more as well. Their work has increased my strength and decreased the pain so that I can get back into a regular exercise routine. Breakthru Physical Therepy is wonderful!
Judi Peltzman
15:27 12 Feb 21
Because of Dan I can walk for miles Pain free
William Stephens
23:00 07 Feb 21
My wife's p t is going great! She loves them!
Leah Schmidt
20:28 03 Feb 21
Great experience with Asha who helped me work on my recovery and strengthening following a C-Section surgery. I have been able to resume my prior workout routine and jogging which has been fantastic.
Michele Culbertson
15:03 16 Jan 21
Asha was extremely great with everything. She is extremely kind, caring and understanding of what I was going through with my foot. She always helped me out even when I was in pain, she was able to minimize the pain. This location is extremely clean and the PT always clean after someone was using the equipment. I was happy to have such a great place and a wonderful PT to help me to get back on track.
Subhasis Biswas
16:46 29 Dec 20
Wonderful therapy and therapists! My treatment was a great success.
Carol Targum
14:41 06 Dec 20
Dr. Pandey-Smith did an excellent job at resolving my problem She was professional, attentive to my issues and thoroughly addressed them accordingly. I would highly recommend her.
Sangbo Ham
02:08 28 Nov 20
Every staffs were kind and professional. Great people great surrounding. I'm especially thankful for my therapist Asha.
Louise Wright
17:16 23 Oct 20
My experience at Breakthru Physical Therapy has been helpful and encouraging! The staff is very knowledgeable and supportive.
Greg Judge
20:00 22 Oct 20
Breakthru Rehab is the best! They always worked with me on most of my surgical repairs and injuries. Mostly for Shoulders. Nick was my therapist and did an outstanding job. He was very thorough with his evaluations and I was always progressing with each appt. thanks again for all of your help to get me back on the baseball field and Tennis courts.
Jeanne Kiefner
16:25 12 Oct 20
Caring treatments and support. Also received teachings to help me with my condition. Thank you
Beverly Whipple
23:14 26 Sep 20
Dr. Daniel Pinto is excellent. Very helpful and supportive.Dr. Beverly Whipple
m fahringer
14:46 24 Sep 20
Jake is excellent and the best PT I have seen in many years. He has provided me with the explanations and knowledge of not only diagnosing problems but also the benefits of doing exercises to provide strength and stability. He was able to make me feel secure and take away my anxiety regarding exercises and treatment. I have had 3 past back surgeries and for the first time can say that I don't have pain everyday and feel like I am getting stronger!! Thank you Jake!!Also, Dan and the other staff at Voorhees has been wonderful! I will always recommend Breakthru!!
Denise Byrd
21:44 16 Sep 20
The physical therapist there are awesome. I've seen Asha for almost a year and she has done wonders with my shoulder. If I ever need a PT again I would definitely come come to Breakthru.
Tania Sokoloff
19:36 16 Apr 20
The program has been very helpful and beneficial to my husband , Jerry. Keeps him motivated.
Amanda Germano
14:52 06 Mar 20
100% recommend. these people genuinely care and they make physical therapy and fitness something fun to look forward to.
Carolyn Albertson
12:41 17 Feb 20
Love the patience and encouragement from my therapist Dan. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.
phyllis karasin
13:17 15 Feb 20
Very professional and knowledgeable. I had Kelsey work with me after 3 separate surgeries and she was extremely empathetic and professional. I highly recommend!
Michele Godorecci
02:27 31 Jan 20
I send all of my patients and family members to Breakthru. This staff is truly top notch. Dan insisted on an X-ray for my son and diagnosed his scoliosis. I believe he saved him from a lifetime of back pain. He is a terrific clinician, communicator and role model. My other family members have seen other physical therapists there and they are equally professional. My patients rave about the care Breakthru provides.
Lila Grace Rice
00:16 11 Jan 20
Really great.
Brian K
18:25 04 Jan 20
Kelsey is very good helping me with my shoulder. I recommend Breakthru.
Lois Spritzler
14:34 27 Nov 19
Breathru is great! Nick is the best!! He helped me to accomplish my goal for a full return to playing tennis!He pushed me, yet gave positive reinforcement to accomplish the return of strength & balance!Sooooo, in spite of arthritis, a degenerative meniscus with a small tear, I’m back to normal!!! I am following his recommendations for a home program!After 15 months I needed PT again to regain strength in my knee & address issues with weak hip abductors!I returned to Nick- always the best!!! He is supportive & encouraging!!I now have a personal home program designed by Nick to maintain my progress!!I’m on my way back to tennis!
Robert Koplin
16:57 15 Nov 19
Compendiously, the therapists of BREAKTHRU PT & Fitness in Voorhees, NJ are a collaborative and masterful team, working towards the same goal –> actively pursuing their patients’ optimal health and well-being through ingenuity, mindfulness, engagement, tenacity, and customized therapeutic approaches.A few months ago, I was in a car accident and rushed to the E.R. As a result, I encountered major injuries and afflictions, including disc herniations, severe pain in my shoulders, neck, back, joints and muscles, headaches, dizziness, numbness, limited ranges of motion, impaired memory and fatigue. As I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for over 4-decades, incorporating health, fitness and wellness into my personal and professional life, I’ve also been unnerved and anxious, since the collision. Little did I know at the time, my suffering would progressively intensify.I was recommended to see an orthopedic surgery specialist, Dr. Michael Alapatt of New Jersey Spine Center. Dr. Alapatt ordered several MRIs, and consequently prescribed physical therapy. Via outstanding recommendations and research, Breakthru Physical Therapy seemed to be a competent and well-suited prospect. Ergo, I made an appointment at their Voorhees facility, a few blocks away from my family’s home.From my initial call, Nicole (client experience supervisor) and Marisa (client experience rep) were genuinely compassionate and helped facilitate my insurance coverage. Subsequently, I met my primary physical therapist, Dr. Jake Fahringer. I was immediately impressed with Jake’s knowledge, experience and empathetic nature. During a comprehensive evaluation, he not only heard what I said, but also listened intently and took explicit notes. Consequently, Jake began working on the root of my most impacted/effected/sore areas. Via heat, massage, and stretching, I left my 1st session feeling a bit more alive, and optimistic that I was in the right hands . . . literally.Jake’s expertise, therapies, advice and patience have helped mitigate some pains, aided in increasing my range of motion, and also dwindled symptoms of emerging complications (i.e., insomnia, headaches and tingling). When Jake is off or busy with other patients, his adept colleagues, Dr. Dan Pinto – Breakthru’s outstanding Voorhees Manager, Dr. Kelsey Jurist – awesome MD therapist, Justin – excellent PT-MD in training, and their excellent aids – Anthony, José and Ian, work with me, complementing Jake’s therapeutic regimen, filling in potential session gaps, and aid in making my painful process reasonably enjoyable.It’s clear why Breakthru is one of New Jersey’s most recognized and awarded Physical Therapy Institutions. I can’t say that I’m content being the patient, rather than helping others improve their physical and mental well-being. However, since this isn’t the case, I’m confident that Jake and his associates will progressively improve my physical state, until the healthiest version of my ‘new normal’ is attained (non-invasively).
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