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At Breakthru PT + Fitness in Medford, our team will design a unique approach to your physical therapy so that you can move better and restore your physical function and fitness levels. Our warm and welcoming environment will lead you toward health, healing, and pain relief.


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200 Tuckerton Road Suite 17
Medford, NJ 08055

Meet Your Director

Nick Nolan PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: Ice Hockey

Dr. Nicholas Nolan is passionate about not only helping his patients reach their physical therapy goals but empowering them to adjust their lifestyle to improve and maintain long-term success.

To Dr. Nick, Physical Therapy is not simply treating a body part, but treating the entire person with a very personalized/patient-centered approach. He is an advocate for utilizing evidence-based research to guide his clinical practice towards quality care.

He has a clinical focus of Schroth which is a high-level therapy for scoliosis; a specific 3-dimensional reshaping of the thorax to arrest the scoliotic curve progression. He also has a clinical focus of LSVT which is a highly researched therapy for Parkinson’s disease with a goal of halting the disease’s progression and optimizing the patient’s safety and well-being.

Dr. Nick enjoys treating individuals of all ages and walks of life, hearing their stories, and being a part of that story to get them back to what they love to do.


  • La Salle University 2010, Bachelor of Science
  • Temple University 2013, Doctorate of Physical Therapy


  • Certified Schroth Therapist, C2
  • Certified LSVT BIG Therapist for Parkinson’s

Born: Pennsylvania, PA

Now resides: Mullica Hill, NJ

Quote: “Health is Wealth”

Nick’s Favorite & FUN Facts:

  • Place to Travel/Vacation: Hawaii
  • Restaurant: Yard House
  • Food: Wings
  • TV Show: The Office; Game of Thrones
  • Movie: Wolf of Wall Street
  • Singer/Group: Mumford and Sons
  • Athlete/Celebrity: Carson Wentz, Joe Sakic
  • Book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Stephen Covey
  • Sports Team: Philadelphia Flyers/Eagles

Medford - Patient Reviews

Scott Larison
I have experienced numerous sports injuries in college, knee surgeries and the nagging aftermath as a result in my 60's. I have been a patient at a host of physical therapy facilities throughout my life- Breakthru Physical Therapy & Fitness located in Medford at the Village at Taunton Forge is the BEST and the benchmark for all others to be compared. The entire team is extremely knowledgeable, courteous and dedicated to the well being of all their patients. Specifically, Dr. Shannon Urban and her diagnostic skills, application of the proper stretching and exercise routine to combat my specific ailments and in general oversee and construct a top notch recovery experience tailored to my needs. Shannon and the whole staff at Breakthru has changed my life for the better- Thank you!!Scott
briana mullin
Breakthru was recommended to me from a coworker and I am so glad I also chose to come here. I have been working with Shannon and she is great at what she does! Very professional yet personable and truly listens to what my needs and concerns are. She does her best to adjust to that! The facility is also a great location, clean and calming and the front desk is very friendly!
Karen Tomczak
I have a great experience @ Breakthru. Dr. Shannon Urban has been my PT - she has been able to target shifting areas of concern to help immensely with pain and mobility/flexibility. Professional and personable. Staff in general are friendly and courteous. Never have problem with scheduling.
Georgi Ekimov
Breakthrough physical therapy has been a lifesaver for me after my injury. I play pickleball regularly, but I tore my calf muscles several times. Nick, my therapist, has been amazing in guiding me through the recovery process. He is very knowledgeable, caring, and professional. Thanks to him, I was able to return to the court as soon as possible. I highly recommend Breakthrough physical therapy to anyone who needs help with their physical health. They have a great team and a proven process that works.
Salvatore Benigno
Meghan Lanehart is my personal trainer. She is interested in my problem & has helped me to get better.
Brian Huber
Short-term pain to alleviate long-term pain. Gimme more gimme more. Thanks Dr. Chloe
Bri Lynn
Shannon and Bryan are literally my life saviors. Their communication is upfront and comforting. They are beyond sweet, and it genuinely feels like they are happy to be doing what they are doing! They answer all questions to the best of their abilities, and don’t get frustrated if you ask the same question multiple ways or need an alternative explanation. They actually try to find answers to your complaints, rather than dismissing you and just collecting a paycheck. I genuinely feel like they care about me, and my well-being. You don’t get that in very many places now-a-days.I was sent to Breakthru PT as a workers comp claim. My main complaints included severe headaches and dizzinesses. I also stated my left eye kept twitching and bouncing. I told them that MRI, CT, and X-Ray came back negative. Together, they immediately identified I needed vestibular therapy. Sure enough, after my first session, they identified I had left vestibular hypo-function. They brainstormed a plan of action how to correct the issue.Mind you, neurology kept telling me I was fine and just “trying to get out of work.” Neurology didn’t bother trying to figure out what was going on with me - but Shannon and Bryan did. I am beyond thankful for them, and couldn’t be more grateful that they didn’t just dismiss me as another “workers comp” claim. They treated me as a person - not as a paycheck.I am looking forward to further treatment to *hopefully* correct my hypo-function. Thank you so much Shannon and Bryan!
Kathryn Badger
I highly recommend working with Matt at Breakthru! He is not only knowledgeable, but dedicated to making sure that every patient understands the how and why for each exercise. I have never felt bored when working with Matt, and I highly appreciate the creativity and effort he puts into every session. I recommend Matt and Breakthru 100%!
Steve Sonntag
Matt is the Bob Ross of PT. I am his canvas ... no, am I the paint? He's definitely the brush, I think. I've been here and other places for different issues. Breakthru has the most knowledgeable and motivating people.. I'll never go anywhere else.
Everyone at Breakthru Taunton Forge is great…the front desk people, aides and therapists. Nick works wonders with my scoliosis. He and Kevin are the only ones in the area certified in the Schroth Method for scoliosis. The environment is fun and helpful.
Joseph Vadon
My sciatica started acting up and my doctor recommended physical therapy. My wife made the appointment and I started working with Meghan. She is great. My pain and numbness and come down alot. Have been getting around better. Would definitely recommend breakthur for pt
Michelle Bogansky
To go into PT thinking it’s a means to an end, and to be proven wrong, priceless! Thank you, Breakthru and thank you Brian!
Mark Schnitzer
I am a current patient at Breakthru. I have also used them in the past, for other conditions. Everyone there has been great to work with. The therapists are VERY knowledgeable. They treat the person, as well as the specific problem. Also, kudos to the rest of the staff - the aides and front desk staff are so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Breakthru!
Pat DArmi
My experience at Breakthru PT was wonderful. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee, and after seeing Dr Chloe, I no longer experience any pain. I can climb stairs, walk my dog, and lead a fairly active lifestyle while pain free. Everyone at Breakthru is caring, encouraging, and supportive. I highly recommend them!
Rick M
I went to Breakthru Physical Therapy after a serious ankle injury and surgery. I worked with Dr. Brian Konzelmann on my recovery. Brian was great to work with. He motivated me in recovery teaching me a wide array of exercises and stretches to rebuild flexibility and strength that I was able to do at home between PT sessions. Brian worked to make sure I got the maximum benefit from PT while keeping pain at a minimum.I've had PT in the past for other issues and this is the first time that I felt I was getting a lot of benefit from PT.
glen bintliff
I worked with Dr Matt Fredrick for 12 weeks after a hip replacement surgery. Dr Matt’s professional and friendly manner was key to my success. His protocols for progressing the level of exercise from 2 weeks post surgery to the 12th week were totally appropriate and successful.
Amy Hoppel
Everyone at Breakthru is friendly and professional, and my PT, Shannon, has been absolutely top-notch! She has helped me overcome my pain and patiently worked with me over the last couple months to build my strength back up. Shannon is incredibly knowledgeable, which was apparent as soon as I began discussing my pain issue with her. I would (and have) recommend Shannon to my friends, as she will take excellent care of any patient she meets. :)
Jacie Davis
BreakThru saved my lower back and pregnancy!!! I threw my back out early and Shannon fixed me and kept me healthy my entire pregnancy. She created specific exercises to strengthen my back, core, and pelvic floor to help me support my growing baby. I am forever grateful for her and the breakthru team!!
Stasia Burger
Everyone is so friendly and welcoming here. All the therapists help each other out with their patients. I get a lot of attention and getting a little better every week. Would recommend them, especially Kristen.
Marilyn Zolnowski
Breakthru fitness is a wonderful place for anyone who needs help with their physical well being. It is a lovely environment clean, energetic, friendly and knowledgeable place. Trainers are so friendly and helpful . My trainer, Brian K. has made such a difference with his treatment program and his continuous explanations of why and what a specific exercise is doing to help. My situation. I have made such an improvement in a relatively short amount of time and I feel better every time I go there . I even look forward to my appointments which are always on time. This is definitely a winning environment for working on successful physical therapy While enjoying time spent there. Thank you Breakthru and Brian K. for helping me so much. Looking forward to my next appointment at Breakthru Fitness in Medford, NJ🌈
Frank Carr
Best Physical Therapists around with outstanding support. Brian is awesome
Alice Cundiff
Breakthru has been amazing for me ! Ive never had a less than stellar experience with the staff there. Im three weeks out of a knee replacement and can bend 135 degrees , and i look forward to going and doing the work to get me at full range and doing the things I love to do . I’ll be paddle boarding soon 😃 kudos to Pam and Dr Megan for the fantastic care I receive , and for pushing me just enough.
mike bagaglia
10/10. Everything here is such an amazing experience. Great trainers, great atmosphere, and such a supportive culture throughout the place.
Bryce Kell
To begin with, the staff at the front desk is friendly and accommodating. My therapist Dr. Nick Nolan was the best. I came in for lower back issues and he developed a plan that greatly improved my pain issues. He is the best. I would recommend him to anyone. His knowledge and level of care is fantastic, and the staff is a pleasure to deal with. Five stars!!!!
Michael Greer
I began going to Breakthru about two weeks ago and I’m already seeing improvement in my elbow. Meghan, my physical therapist is very knowledgeable and friendly, and good to work with the entire staff is great. The facility is well stocked and run very efficiently. P.S. Meghan did not bribe me in anyway to leave this good review. Lol!
Elite Appliance Repair
A great facility with a great staff. I have been working with Chloe, and she has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend this place enough.-Dylan
Pam Wallenhurst
Therapist are diligent about helping you see improvement in your condition and willing to define goals to manage your recovery!
Dawn Conklin
I was hesitant about going through physical therapy but from day 1 Meghan had me feeling completely at ease. She is so personable and knowledgeable about a slew of different ailments! My Dr. has even complimented my speedy recovery and it’s all because of having Meghan for my PT. Breakthru Therapy (Medford) is now going to always be my go-to therapy place! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top-notch therapy facility!
Daryn Kingsborough
I have never felt better, but I have had a BreakThru! I wish I would have known about this place and the doctors earlier on. I am 5 years post-opt from a VBT spinal surgery for scoliosis and truly, I am grateful for my team. Dr. Nick has helped me in ways I never thought possible; in ways other Dr's have let me down. My overall quality of life has improved significantly based on knowledge of how to control my pain. I wouldn't feel normal if it wasn't for his guidance. I've struggled with pain my entire life. His colleague, Dr. Kevin, doesn't hesitate to offer a different technique to help target the deep muscles that won't budge. Truly, I have never known what it felt like to move without pain until I met them. Everyone in the building engages with one another. The environment is warm and friendly. A place where you can heal. As long as you put the work in! If you struggle with managing your pain (scoliosis related or otherwise), this is the place you want to dedicate your energy to.
Gene Lera
Breakthru has been great getting me back to running after my hip injury last year. Dr. Matt has been awesome, continually changing up my exercises and modulating the plan based on whatever I was feeling at the time. I highly recommend Breakthru PT in Medford!
Catherine Bolger
Dr. Matt at Breakthru Medford is the best! He is extremely knowledgeable and kept my therapy routine varied and challenging. My recovery has been amazing and I would absolutely recommend Matt and the entire Breakthru Medford team.
Kimberly Poliner
I want to thank Kristen for my progress after my total hip replacement. She is super knowledgeable and friendly. The importance of her skills to my recovery are paramount.
Marie S
"BreakthruBeliever" - Becoming a client at Breakthru six years ago for both fitness training and occasional physical therapy is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Fitness training has been a game changer for my athletic performance, weight control, and management of back pain. My current trainer Natalie Yakimov has been fabulous and has gotten me back in shape again after Covid illness and now at Medicare age am able to do things I couldn't have done when younger. The collaboration of the fitness trainers and physical therapists is an added benefit of coming to this facility.
Alaina hill cupcake 6 Hill
Jackie is the best therapist ever and she is the best to spill the tea too! She has help my knee get better and stronger.
Tanner Grabowski
This is Tanner. Arguably the best patient here. My therapist is Jackie. She’s great! She’s understanding, kind, and really funny. I enjoy coming here every time.
As a competitive dancer, I come to Breakthru for conditioning and training to be in the best shape for competition. I have had multiple injuries that I have overcome thanks to the team and staff at Breakthru. I have achieved personal goals and exceeded my own expectations with the help of the amazing, friendly, and knowledgeable trainers and therapists. They truly are the best!
Terry Hubbs
Breakthru was the best! Everyone is so personable and helpful! Kristen Ramos was great both pre surgery and post surgery. She was very empathetic and encouraging. I now continue my therapy at the gym, but if I ever need PT again, I’ll be heading back to Breakthru!!Thanks to all at Breakthru!!
Kirk Stuart
I have been going to Breakthrough Physical Therapy now for over a year to correct my back pain. Nick Nolan is my therapist and I can honesty say that my pain level has decreased significantly to the point that it no longer hinders my daily activities. These folks really know how to get to the root of the problem and provide solutions. You just have to trust the process.
Michelle Smith
Breakthru staff & docs are excellent! Trainer Steve is incredible to work with. He's very perceptible and has an inept ability to recognize strengths & weaknesses, make modifications, and communicate extremely effectively with his clients. I value his expertise and insight. I feel blessed how to have Steve, Dr. Marc, Dr. Kevin & Breakthru guiding me on my journey of wellness!
Lindsey Marabella
Very happy with my care at Breakthru. Jackie has done an amazing job helping me with my knee and shoulder. She pushes me and keeps me motivated. All of the staff are welcoming and friendly.
Terri Fanz
Feeling much better already after a few weeks of working with Dr. Brian. He has helped me get back on track, while taking the time to get to know me. The atmosphere at Breakthru is great and there is a lot of great equipment for recovery and strength building.Mark longfellow
Brian Woods
This is a great facility with fantastic customer service from the people at the front desk to all of the physical therapists. I started working with Jackie on what pretty much felt like a dead bicep, and in the past month and a half, I've felt a lot of strength return and feel like I'm close to returning to full strength. She's been awesome! 5 stars.
Renee Thomas
I recently joined Breakthru and couldn't be happier. Working out has always been a hobby of mine and training with Natalie has made it even more enjoyable. I appreciate her knowledge and genuine care for my fitness success. Breakthru has a very welcoming atmosphere and I look forward to my workout each and every time!
olga Grun
Truly FABULOUS PT. All therapists are wonderfully lovely and extremely knowledgeable. The approach is personalized to your needs and preferences. I love my sessions at Breakthru.The sessions are personalized to your needs and preferences. I love my sessions with my PT.
Lisa Bakanas
Breakthru fitness did an excellent job managing my PT treatment after an elbow break and sprained wrist. Tim Salkowski was an excellent therapist. He designed workouts that were challenging and modified them as I progressed. The entire staff at Bthru from the front desk to the PT assistants were awesome. Would highly recommend to anyone needed therapy.
Josh Brawer
I have used Breakthru for both shoulder rehab and tennis elbow - both times I worked with Tim, and he has been great. In fact, I specifically asked for him when I came back the second time around, and would again if I had another injury (hoping I don't!). The place is clean, everyone is nice, and you can use the gym without an appointment if you are doing PT. Plenty of places to go around here - I would only go here!
Chris Ritter
This is my second time with Break thru (back herniation and 10 years later elbow arthroscopy ) and can’t commend them enough for their attention to detail, warm welcome and overall superb expertise in their craft. I primarily work with Jackie who is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled and has an excellent nose for when to be both cautious and aggressive in my rehabilitation. The entire staff has been so wonderful and I love the family atmosphere that is clearly felt every time I go in for my appointments. I feel like Break thru truly sets the bar for physical therapy.
Leslie Irwin
Dr. Jacklyn has been amazing! She really has helped me work through my knee injury and see that the hard work pays off! I’m thankful for her expertise!
Kathi O'Neill
I came to Breakthru in 2019 and met Nick Nolan. I had knee surgery 4 years prior with recurring problems. I had used the required national PT provider that was approved by my insurer and was totally dissatisfied with the results so I stopped going. I received a referral to Breakthru and decided to pay out-of-pocket to see if I could get better results. I did and continued twice per week for approximately 14 months. It was worth everything I personally spent. For the past 2 years I have been struggling with injuries to my feet. I finally decided to ask the specialist to write me a PT script and I went back to Nick. While my number one issue is not totally gone, it's improved by 90% over the last two weeks. I will be staying. I would encourage anyone with a medical issue or even physical training requirements to make this group your number one choice.
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