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Start your Holiday Goals with our Foundational Wellness Package

Do the holidays leave you stressed out, unmotivated, and off track from your health and fitness goals? Do you make plans to begin a fitness routine but have no idea how to get started?

This time of year, it’s common for people to push off health and fitness to the New Year. After all, isn’t that why we have New Year’s Resolutions? But what if you could get a head start and begin working towards your goals NOW?

Start your Holiday Goals with our Foundational Wellness Package

The holidays are a perfect time to build a routine of healthy habits to keep you energized and motivated through the whole season. What’s great is that it doesn’t take grueling workouts and long hours at the gym to make it happen, you can reap the benefits with a simple, but effective exercise program that fits into your busy schedule and doesn’t break the bank!

Our Foundational Wellness Package will give you the fundamentals to succeed. Included are 4 semi-private, 30-minute training sessions and a personalized two-week fitness routine to get you started on your health and fitness goals. Plus, you’ll receive our Foundational Wellness e-book that provides step-by-step guidance to build healthy habits, and helpful tips on fitness and nutrition, goal setting, stress management, and sleep. All of this is available for only $79!

This special offer is available for purchase specifically at our Medford Taunton Forge location through December 23rd. Buy now, use later! Once purchased, it can be used through February 2024.

Give the gift of health this holiday season, to a loved one or to yourself!

Secure your Foundational Wellness Package today by clicking here or reaching out to Lisa at lwhite@breakthrupt.com or call (856) 396-2250, extension 4. Take the first step toward a healthier you this holiday season!

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